Written by CLARE

17 Sep 2011

Last year we went on a weekend break to marbella with my husbands family, he is one of five 4 boys and one girl, I had lost a lot of weight so enjoyed buying revealing clothes and bought a couple of string bikinis, I was looking forward to the break but was a bit nervous as i had always fancied Petes brother Keith and new he liked me too, we arrived at the hotel which was 5* we all quickly unpacked as we had arranged to meet in the bar, i put on my new bikini, pete said i looked so horny and wanted to fuck me there and then, i ran out the door laughing with pete following telling me he was going to fuck me senseless later, we went to the bar and had a few drinks us ladies went out and found some sunbeds which just made me feel more pissed, my sister in laws all commented on how well i looked which made me feel good, i was thinking about later on that night with pete and started to feel a bit horny, after a while i got up to go to the loo it was down a long corridor i got to the ladies just as the mens door opened and out stepped keith, he said how good i looked that i had lost weight i said thanks, he then said he saw me laying on the sunbed with not a lot on i laughed and said its my bikini being a bit pissed i lifted my wrap up to show him, he said you look amazing i laughed and walked into the ladies, i went into the cubicle for a wee as i opened the door to leave the cubicle keith was standing there, he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back into the loo, he bent down to kiss me at first i resisted turning my head away, he then said that he had fancied me for years and new i fancied him, he bent his head and forced his tongue into my mouth, his hands started to explore my body he pushed me against the wall and i could feel his rock hard cock, he pushed my legs open and fingered my pussy until i cum, i pushed his shorts down and out sprang his rock hard cock i wanked him until we both cum again and again, we then left the loo seperatly and no one sussed us out.............