Written by Daznkaz4u

17 Jun 2012

Fantasies and Realities

These incidents although tame by the standards on here started some 10 years ago when Tanya and I were working together, sharing the same office at our firm in Durham. During that time we had gotten to know each other very well sharing stories of our families and friends. We never met socially outside of work other than the odd works occasions such as Xmas lunch, birthday drinks etc. due to the fact that we both travelled 15 miles or so into work from opposite directions so we actually lived some 30 miles apart.

Tanya was married to Shaun and they had three young children and I was married to Kate and had two kids in their teens. We always told each other what we had been up to with our families over the weekends or upon returning to work from holidays and I felt I really knew her family although in reality I had only seen pics of the kids and had only met Shaun briefly when he had picked Tanya up one evening when her car was off the road. The pair of us were right gossips with each other when we were alone in the office and we used each other as sounding blocks for ideas, problems, confidences and general support.

About three years into our working relationship Tanya became quite distant and was not her usual chatty self. Although I ribbed her and she bucked up a bit it was not long before I could tell her thoughts were drifting. I asked her what was up and she burst into tears. She told me that she had discovered that Shaun had been having an affair and had confronted him and his mistress. Shaun through himself on her mercy and although she hated him for what he had done she had decided to let him stay for the sake of the kids. I was gobsmacked as I thought they were solid and thought to myself what a fool Shaun was to even contemplate losing such a great wife.

However, unbeknown to anyone, I had been through something similar when Kate had strayed with an old University mate, when he had been in the NE on business and sought her out. Kate had been totally flattered by him and having had two kids she admitted that she was thrilled that she was still desirable even though she knew I doted on her. Kate was so distraught after she had gone to meet him at his hotel and slept with him that she came to me and confessed what she had done. I knew why Tanya was offering Shaun the second chance as I had done the same.

Tanya was a really good looking woman but she never pushed herself forward or wore anything other than conservative clothing, however she was very pretty in a demure kind of way. Tanya swore me to secrecy as she was going to try and eradicate everything from her mind. None of her family or friends knew what had happened so she asked me to respect her confidence and not even speak to Kate about it. I felt really bad when she asked me this and decided to tell Tanya what had happened to me when Kate strayed and amid a few tears we made a pact to keep our secrets between us.

It was many months before we got back to the sort of normality between us that we had enjoyed before she discovered Shaun’s infidelity, but slowly we got back to where I thought we were before. Tanya used to say that our relationship was like that of best girlfriends!! as she could talk to me about anything. Periodically I would check with her that everything at home was okay and she would say it is as go good as can be expected but I felt she was holding back.

At Xmas that year we all went out for the ‘works do’ and then into town with all the gang for a few drinks on a mini pub crawl. As the night wore on and the drink took effect we were losing members of the group at every bar. Eventually there was just the two of us and we agreed to have one last drink and ring Shaun and Kate to come and pick us up. We had both had a lot to drink and out of the blue Tanya shocked me by telling me that her sex life with Shaun was a sham. I was shocked at the fact here she was talking openly about sex, something we had never done outside of smutty jokes. She told me she had to put on a show for the sake of the marriage and to stop him wanting to stray again but the reality was she always faked orgasm as she couldn’t get the thought of him with the other woman out of her head when they had sex. I said I knew what she meant as I had experienced the same thing when in bed with Kate but my problem was I would not be able to last long as the thoughts of her with her ‘mate’ made me ejaculate far quicker than I wanted to. Luckily, I always made Kate orgasm digitally and orally before getting ‘in the saddle’ so she was content.

Our lifts arrived and we went our separate ways but my mind was churning over our final conversation all the way home and to be honest, all over the weekend that followed. When I got in to work on Monday Tanya was already in and we looked at each other, blushed, then started laughing. We were like a couple of daft teenagers for the rest of the day as the sex taps opened and it seemed it was all we talked about recalling experiences from youth up to date and discussing various fantasies that we had. This went on for the next 2 days then we broke up for the Xmas and New Year break.

Following our return to work we were both a bit sheepish about our pre-Xmas conversations and we got back to our normal ways.

Then, one day, again out of the blue, Tanya said that she had been thinking a lot about our pre-Xmas ‘naughty talks’ and had been intrigued with a couple of my fantasies but she was surprised that one of them had not been to see Kate with another man. I was surprised and asked why would I and she said ‘it was what you said about ejaculating quickly when you thought about her having sex with her friend’. I had never really given it any thought other than my reaction was almost animal like in trying to get my sperm into her quickly before someone else did.

I asked Tanya if things had improved for her and she said she was still faking with Shaun but satisfying herself regularly in the bath and shower where she was free to pick any imaginary partner she wanted. I asked her who she imagined was with her and she said it was a range of people from rock stars to footballers to film stars. ‘I don’t get a look in then’ I joked, and she blushed deep red. ‘Sorry, but I get a mental block as I cannot dream up a situation where we might get naughty together so it is always strangers and celebs that I settle for’

This all made me wonder whether Tanya held out a sexual feeling for me and I questioned myself as to whether I would be prepared to risk our friendship by ‘trying it on’ with her. As I thought about this I got annoyed with myself but the penny dropped with me that I actually had fallen for Tanya as more than just a ‘best friend’. I started to imagine making love to her during my own ‘private time’ and my fantasies became ever more inventive as I imagined ways that we could be together without the need to split respective families. I naively imagined that Tanya and I could have a secret fulfilling sex life together that neither Shaun nor Kate would ever find out about and that ‘normal’ family life could carry on.

One particularly slow day at work with only Tanya and I in the building I plucked up the courage and told her that on the back of our conversation a while back about her dreaming of celebs and strangers to spice up her ‘private time’ I had been fantasising about us both together whilst sorting myself out. Tanya was intrigued and egged me on to tell her more. Before long I had told her of the situations that I had imagined us getting into to enjoy each other in cars, lifts, showers, on the beach, on a balcony, in hotels etc. I felt so embarrassed as I described in detail each scenario that I begged her forgiveness for being so bad. Tanya told me there was nothing to forgive as she was flattered that she was able to evoke such vivid images in my mind.

All of the talk had left me flushed and with a raging erection in my trousers and I wondered how I would be able to get to the kitchen at the back of the office without making things obvious. I sat a while but it would not subside so I arranged myself under my desk as best I could and got up and quickly turned my back on Tanya and headed out to make us a cup of tea.

Once my erection had subsided I returned to the office with the teas to find Tanya wiping her slightly reddened eyes. I asked if I had upset her and she shook her head in the negative. She said that I had made her feel so wanted as a woman with the scenarios I had described to her that she realised she never felt like that with Shaun and said she had an admission to make to me. She then told me how she had replaced the celebs and strangers in all her fantasy play with me. Even when she was performing her ‘duties’ with Shaun she got through it by closing her eyes and imagining it was me that was with her.

I was stunned, happy and confused all at once, what do I say, what do I do? It is all so easy in a fantasy but reality is so much different. The other nagging doubt in my mind was that if I pushed things now it could ruin our friendship and, although Shaun and Kate had not given Tanya or I a second thought when they had their affairs, I worried about the hypocrisy if I pushed things further.

I was now back at my desk thinking about all this when Tanya came over and picked up my tea cup and went to the kitchen with it. I heard her washing the cups and putting them away then after a minute or so she returned and came up behind me. The next thing I knew she was throwing her arms around me from behind and I felt her hair then face nuzzling into the side of my neck. She smelled wonderful and she let her hand slide over my chest then undoing a shirt button she slid her hand in and was caressing one of my nipples. I reached out to the side and my hand found her calf and stroked it’s smooth skin working my way gradually up to her knee then finding no resistance I moved higher. I was soon up to the inside of her mid thigh when she opened her legs just enough to encourage me to go all the way up.

I was amazed when I eventually reached her vagina to find she had no knickers hindering my progress.

I traced my finger gently along her very wet vagina and felt the lips parting as she spread her legs a little more. I popped a finger in and felt her go weak at the knees whilst all the time she was necking me playing with my chest hair and nipples. As I played and delighted in her wetness she moved her hands down to loosen my belt and with a little assistance from me she soon had my penis out and was stroking it ever so softly. I stopped to ask her if the electronic lock was on downstairs and once she confirmed that it was I stood up and kissed her deeply whilst manoeuvring her round till she was falling back slowly towards my desk.

All thoughts of Shaun and Kate went out of my mind as I slipped the head of my penis into her open vagina and worked it very slowly all the way in. Tanya brought her knees all the way up and pulled me towards her to get every last bit of penis into her then she really started to grind and buck as I drove into her. Tanya tensed and her face contorted as she went through an intense orgasm that left her shaking all over. I stopped to check she was okay but she insisted that I carry on and do it as hard as I can. With that I pounded into Tanya with all my might and as I watched her going through another massive orgasm I felt my stuff racing out of me and into her with such a force I thought my knees would give way under me. I stood embedded in Tanya for quite some time as we both came down from the most amazing high.

When I pulled out loads of my stuff came out of Tanya’s very red and puffed vagina so she headed of to the loo to clean herself up leaving me to wonder what to do next. Ecstasy gave way to reality and I became anxious as to what Tanya would do and say upon her return. Had we broken the cardinal rule about not sleeping with best friends? Could we look each other in the eye? I need not have worried as Tanya came back with a massive smile on her face and came straight over and gave me a great big kiss and said, “thanks for making my biggest fantasy come true”. It was always to have sex on the desk in the office with you. I just laughed and then had to admit I had deliberately left that one out earlier as I worried that it might have been too close to reality for her.

Since then Tanya and I have enacted many of our fantasies while continuing our normal lives so my concerns over naivety have not materialised. You may ask why we don’t go the whole hog and leave our respective spouses for each other but we both find our arrangement suits us both. We have been very naughty together and it is that thrilling feeling that only we know that has led to us sustaining such a long term affair. Neither of us get jealous at the thought of the other going through the motions with our spouses and simply enjoy the planning and execution of our many exploits. Nobody is being hurt and we both agree that we will stop if either of us tire of the relationship.

Sorry it was a long story but if I get favourable responses I may share some of our more daring adventures…..