Written by Sherri 81

17 Jun 2018

I am married and i have always been bi curious , but never did anything about it , even watching porn with my hubby i loved 3some movies FFM especialy when the girls get in on with each other.

Anyway last week i went to a new HIIT training keep-fit class, it was a mixed class all different people , i got talking with a lovely girl , with a plumpish figure with lovely boobs and a shapely arse , during the training session we both pushed each other , plenty of hugs and innocent touching , at the end of class we had a stretch session , pairing up to go the extra push , I was helping to support Charlys leg my eyes were drawn to her camel toe , which made us both laugh , she was helping with my thigh stretch and her hand on my inner thigh we had a look into each eyes , she asked me if it was ok i said yes , i was getting wetter by the second .

We finished our stretch , thanked the class and teacher , Charly asked did i fancy a coffee , my heart was pumping , i said yes there was a starbucks in town , we went in her car , a short drive she parked up in a mulit story carpark , but she drove up to the 6th floor and away from the access stairs , then the penny dropped she wanted to take our moment to another height .

She flirted with me , complimenting me on my hair , my figure , i didnt feel sexy after a full on sweat HIIT session , i told her i had never done anything with another girl , holding my hand she asked could she kiss me , i nodded and then out lips were like electric , from a gentle seductive kiss to a full on passionate kiss , charlys hands moved up to my boobs , my breathing was fast , then her fingers moved down to my pussy crotch , dry rubbing my pussy through my gymn shorts . Still kissing she said she wanted to taste me , with her fingers on the elastic on my shorts i lifted my bum up and she expertly pulled my shorts and panties down in one , exposing my pussy , my seat was lowered and with a jiggle into position , charlys fingers found my pussy , i didnt need much to take me over the edge her gentle touch made me cum and then her tounge and mouth on my clit gave me one of the most intense orgasms i have ever had , i pushed her mouth on my pussy and after my cum we shared a wet juicy kiss. I was hooked with lust , i wanted to see charlys boobs with a bit of incare gymnastics we changed positions and pulling up her top and freeing her boobs from her sports bra , i tweaked her nipples , that always works for me , then l lowered my head to lick her nipples , she coached me to finger her , she was so wet and 2 fingers slid in her pussy with ease , a few moments later she came , wow wow wow , we made ourselves presentable, i didnt get my coffee but what i did get was my 1st FF sexy moment , and i want more , we exchanged numbers and arranged to meet up again at her house - my head is buzzing and my pussy is throbbing for her touch ......cant wait