Written by Threesome Lover

11 Dec 2011

If you read the first part you will have read how my wife told me her innermost fantasy was about being fucked by two hunky guys. I would talk to her while we fucked about various scenarios that threesome sex could happen. I also told her away from the bedroom while talk about sex related matters, that a good male friend of ours had had threesome sex with another couple who were also very good friends of ours. Indeed, as had I prior to meeting my now wife. Our friendship had been quite complicated for various reasons during a certain period of time. My now wife had had a very brief sexual fling with the husband of this couple also, prior to my relationship with her. I had told her that J had threesomed with this couple and I knew certain details as the husband and J were fellow members of the same military unit. J had a cock that although average in terms of length, it was well above average in its girth. I had told my wife about this and as it became evident she expressed her preference for a thicker cock rather than a longer one when we viewed porn together. She had told me about the various sexual relationships in her life and about one particular guy who she had let fuck her in a once off. She described his huge cock as being about 9 inches and quite thick but mainly long. She told me that at times while shafting her the length was uncomfortable and too much. It would have been better had girth been greater and less length. I am very average it has to be said but she tells me my foreplay, my technique and at times when extremely aroused my cock gets much thicker or feels thicket. Ok after lots of sessions fucking during which I would talking about certain scenarios and initially describing individuals, I started to use real people we knew. The most productive results were when I mention J and his average length but huge girthrd cock. I began to create situations and scenarios that turned het on. She began to use his name and initiate the verbal stuff. Elaborating and embellishing the fantasies. Ok what happened was J and I had arranged to go a a ' lads night out' . As he lived some distance away we arranged for him to stay over in our spare room. The evening came he arrived put his overnight bag in our spare room and we went out. She stayed in watching TV and reading. We got back and she asked us if we wanted another drink. We had both been drInking whiskey so continued with a good malt I had. She had a few glasses of white wine. It got late he went to the spare room. She and I to our bedroom. I must explain our apartment is not very big. The spare room doubles as an office. When the gold out bed is deployed the bedroom door cannot be closed. We never close our bedroom door anyway. She and I were in bed making love. I started to use sexy chat and scenario stuff. She was really wet and turned on. As I fucked her I asked her if she would like me to go and get J to join us. She had her eyes closed and said 'Yes!yes!'. Afraid it might just be sexy chat and that she would be spooked by me just going to get him, I stopped moving, stopped sliding my cock in and out... She opened her eyes, I spoke clearly and calmly, "Would you like me to ask J to join us?" I said. "Yessss, yessss!" she said with her breath quickening .

I slid my cock out if her soaking, dripping wet pussy. I had the hardest, biggest hard on I have known in my life.

I walked quickly and quietly across the hall floor. Looked in the spare room, the blinds were open and by the light from street lamps could see he was lying awake on his bed stroking/ wanking his cock!

He saw me and I just said would you like to join us? He almost jumped off the bed, knodding and grinning. He followed me across the hall to our bedroom. As we walked in S had gone to the en suite toilet. More to follow,,,,