Written by Youngatheart26

30 Mar 2010


So here's what happened next after we'd had a short break to revitalise ourselves.

She said right boy's upto now it's all been your pleasure it's time i get some myself.

She told hubby to sit on the chair and and she started to suck him back to full erection still wearing the strapon,then she told hin to stand and lean over so his butt was facing her,she quickly lubed him and pushed that cock into his welcoming arse.

She then leant forward lying on his back opened her leg's and told me to fuck her from behind.I slowly moved the tip of my cock up and down her pussy and it was absolutly soaking with her juices then i slowly pushed myself into her and started pumping my manhood and it felt brill.Now with every stroke of my cock in her she started fucking his butt he was moaning with pleasure and so we both picked up speed until he shouted that he was about to cum,she then put her hand round him and wanked him fast and hard for a few second's and he shot his spunk all over the chair.

Now that's you finished with she told hubby.

she pulled herself off my cock and pushed me back on the floor,took off the stapon and mounted me and rode me for all she was worth,play with my tit's and nipple's while i fuck your hard cock i was told and did as i was told without any hesitation and it felt good.

We thought her hubby was sated but watching her fuck me got him hot again and he walked over and told her to suck his cock while she fucked me,i reached up and pushed two finger's into his butt which sent him over the top again putting what little cum he must have had left into her mouth,he then slumped back onto the settee.

She was now getting very red in the face and letting out nice moan's of pleasure and then YES i'm cuming and started shuddering and let out a massive gush of hot lady cum soaking my cock and ball's which made me cum as well. I was absolutly wet through.

She fell off me and told both hubby and me to lick her pussy clean which we did in turn's till she came again and this time her hubby was the benifacter of her lady cum which he let fall into his hand and then rub on my cock.

What a greast night i had and will never forget and was well worth the long wait to recieve my first strapon,hope it wont be the last.

thank's again for reading and hope you enjoyed it