Written by joebob

1 Apr 2014

If you read my story from before you will know I found my own Mrs Robinson who taught me all I needed to know about sex. Well I am now at uni and still seeing Mrs Robinson for great fucking sessions when i come home but I met a girl and of course it was love and I felt it only fair to tell Mrs Robinson our sex sessions were over as I wanted to be true to B------. When I told her she said I knew it would happen a new young girl friend I said I am in love and must be faithfull (the innocence of youth) her reply was well lets make the last time a time to remember and of course my cock said wellll it was the last time it would be okay. She asked could i stay the night me oh yes and we had the most delicous afternoon of sex most of which was me eating her cunt out and having my face washed in lovely pussy juice as she had multiple orgasms. As we lay on the bed geting our breath back she went downstairs and I heard her on the telephone a few minutes later she came back and when I asked her who she telephoned she giggled saying a surprise.

The doorbell went and she pulled on her dressing gown to answer it murmering and laughter and then to my surprise there was Eddie our local church elder standing in the doorway his arm round her waist while his other was inside her dressing gown pulling out her tits. He roared with laughter when he saw me saying so this is your new young stud we are going to have some fun the 3 off us. She smiled your last lesson a 3sum and with that he yanked of her dressing gown and started kissing and biting and sucking on her neck and tits. It was like he wanted to devour her and I of course was a very willing spectator at his antics. She lay down beside me as Eddie stripped of and as he pulled his trousers and pants of I saw his engorged and large cock emerge. I am an average size but Eddie was a good 2" inches longer, he saw me looking ase he grabbed and started to stroke himself. Yes lad that is why she keeps coming back to Eddie for a chance to be ridden by me she likes it a nice tight fit. I glanced at her face her eyes were glistening with lust as she looked at this hard 8". On your knees he commanded her, as he mounted her they both groaned as he slid in, he then said to me right you fuck her mouth she is such a slut for cock she will want them both at once. I was in her hot wet mouth moving in and out as he fucked her from behind. I was not far of coming and about to pull out and spray her tits when Eddie said no make the slut swallow your spunk and soon I was jerking into her mouth. As I withdrew her head bent down my spunk dribbling out of her mouth onto the bed he had gripped her hips and to my eyes was very rough with her but by her groans of pleasure knew she was enjoying it. He talked the whole time about how she liked his big cock because it was tight fit into her cunt and she could not get enough of him she answering through her groans of pleasure that she loved the feel of it it was so tight. It was a very long night of each of us fucking her changing places my first feeling of fucking a slimey spunk filled cunt such a feeling which I have enjoyed over the years. When Eddie eventually left there was a long silence between us, well I said our last time would be memorable. As she got up to have a shower to sooth her body I notice how rough we had been she was covered in bruises and love bites I sort of apologised for being rough but she just grinned I never felt it just the pure joy of being fucked by 2 men Eddie always leaves a few bruises she shivered slighly a pleasurable shiver.

Well I went back to uni to my new love B------ and we eventually started to have sex me of course thinking all women was the same as my Mrs Robinson but I was soon put straight on that sex with B------- was in the dark under the covers and we had to be quick not much foreplay and no after sex pleasure of lying in each others arms. When I tried to introduce oral sex into our sex life I was branded a pervert?????? did I think she was a tart and so we parted me being labled a pervert. My first lesson learned that not all women are the same as my Mrs Robinson. My next foray into a sexual relationship was again with an older woman which lasted till I left uni.