Written by Daz

17 Jun 2013

This happened a year ago, where did it happened at wedding we went to down in London

How did it start, the missus and me had been looking at this site for a few months that started by her catching me looking at it, June's always been open minded apart from my embarrassment she found it a joke but also got looking as well and to be honest she found it exciting it aroused both of us which lead to some good bedtime fun

She admitted it was was the pick me up our sex life needed we been married a long time and the sex side of things had lost its sparkle I was happy my leg over had gone from once a week maybe to two or three nights on the trot some times as well twice some weekend

The nights of passion involved talking about things we seen and read making up fantasies

I was surprised what June came out with some times other men and what she do with them or like them to do to her also things like threesomes, one of mind was to watch all this

When I suggested we could put this into practices she would say it have to stop as fantasy

Not wanting to upsetting thing I didn't push it later on I suggested we put a advert on the site she thought about it not given it a no no right away as I thought she would

Going back to this wedding we had booked two nights in a hotel the same hotel as the wedding was held in as it was an all day thing

It got to the evening we had a couple of hours rest good thing as there been a few drinks

that day toasts and things I think June felt the booze as she don't drink that much

Showered refreshed and changed for the party we had to pay for the drink in the evening

June held back on the drinking to start with, as the evening went on I was at the bar and an old friend and me got chatting after a time the missus came and got me on the dance floor a slow one, she said I shouldn't leave her alone I said why you are a big girl now

She laughed saying I am getting chatted up I replied ho yes you be saying next you have pulled, she said I am I said go for it thinking it was a wind up

After the dance I bumped into more old friends, time was now getting on tennis along came the missus I asked if she had pulled the drink was telling on me,I could she she had a couple as well she looked straight at me and said yes I think I have but she smiled I once more thought she was joking she added well you wanted me to as she was about to walked off I said go for it she looked and said okay if you really want me to

I am not sure maybe an hour later I went to look for her I don't know why when I found the table she was on I was surprised to she wasn't there, looking round I couldn't see her at first then I spotted her on the dance floor with a bloke bloody hell his hands where all over her he got his hand on both cheeks of her ares pulling her in as I watched she was rubbing herself against him bloody hell she wasn't joking funny how you start to sober up, I sat down and watched they snogged once

I was sitting there when they came back June did no more than introduce him to me as Richard and explained I was her husband he didn't seem surprised she went on I told you he be fine I was a bit dumbstruck really not expecting this June then said be a darling get us a drink and like a fool I did when I got back I guess they been talking about me the way Richard looked at me it was quite noisy in there the music and a lot of people all talking we tried to have a conversation of sorts I seemed not to catch or miss some of it I was shocked when my wife leaned over and said if you not coming up can we have the key you can stay her if you want that came out the blue to me I asked if she was serious she nodded and said you said go for it I am

She said some thing to Richard they both stood up June said if you not coming I need the key, I then stood up and we all walked to the lift we stood waiting for the doors to open it felt unreal, the three of us got in as the doors closed Richard hugged her they kissed

ignoring me

When we got out I lead the way to our room and opened the door for them I was still wondering if she was winding me up in some way, I knew she wasn't when they fell on the bed in each others arms snogging as I watched his hand went under her blouse squeezing a breasted I heard a little moan my wife rubbed his crouch at the same time I was looking at a woman I never seen before one my wife had hidden from me in front of my eyes I watched both there closes coming off helping each other as if in a race to get naked by then June was down to bra and tights with kickers Richards shirt was gone his trousers almost down as he undone her bra she got his boxes to his thighs bloody hell that guy was a lot bigger than me it must o been over sex inches but Christ it was bloody fat

My wife stood up to tug his trousers and pants off she then wiggled her tights and panties down then off she almost leap back on the bed and took that thing in her mouth sucking and licking it like a prom star she jest about got it in her mouth he loved it

He pulled her on top of himself and got her in a 69 she moaned as she sucked his cock and he licked her

I think Richard was getting near he roil her off so she was on her back, in a flash he was between her legs licking away June was doing some thing I had never seen her do she was pulling on her own nipples I mean really tugging on them her eyes closed I could her say oh god yes yes don't stop YES YES YES her bum lifted she started gasping her body shook she let out AHAAAA YES as she climaxed roiling her head from side to side

Richard moved himself between her legs slowly wanking his dick m,y wife opened her legs to welcome his cock his dick must of touched her pussy her thighs parted more to give him full access I watched him push as she took a deep breath as he went in she let it out as he went in I heard her murmurer oh Richard oh god your big there was a loud RICHARD fuck in hell oh god he was home ball deep they lay still then he started I have never seen on a film a bloke fuck like he did my started screaming almost the the most amazing thing happen she started bucking under him as if trying to fuck herself it didn't take long she arched right up screaming yes yes oh god yes there was squelching noise as he fuck her

I have never known her to cum like that at first I thought had peed herself

He must of been near I think that did it he grunted like an animal as he let his load go deep inside my wife if you want to know more you have to tell me Richard can repeat