Written by Fat boy

30 Jan 2018

Did you know that there are women who get off on fucking fat guys ? let me explain.

I am 45 and my wife is 41 and unfortunately, I am a little on the big side. I’m 5’8” and 28 stone so yes, I’, fat! I have tried everything to lose weight but I have failed and for a long time I was getting depressed about it. A lot of that was due to the pressure it put on my marriage. I hadn’t always been this way, when I first met ‘Alice’ (not her real name) I was physically fit and not bad looking. She was, and still is attractive and has a killer body but as I got bigger she was less and less interested in sex with me. We argued a lot and in the end, she had an affair with a younger guy who was by all accounts good looking and looked after himself.

In order to save my marriage, I turned a blind eye knowing that when she left the house to see her ‘friend’ that in less than 30min she would be on her back with her legs open and this guys cock would be pounding her pussy. In the end we would talk about it and she would toss me off and tell me all about what he did to her, it was a little consolation but not much.

After a while of this going on we split up and got back together 3 or 4 times and it was driving us both mad. Then one evening she comes home from work excited and told me about a website that she had found where women look for bigger men, and by bigger, I mean fat. At first, I didn’t believe her but she showed me and true enough it was there. My confidence was ‘0’ at this time so I didn’t think anyone would want to fuck me but we put my details on there. It took less that 24 hours before we got a response. A few women wanted to ‘chat’ and sent photo’s. I was shocked at how attractive they were.

I had expected equally fat and ugly women who can’t get a guy and just wanted a shag with anyone but these were attractive women, most with great bodies. We arranged to meet one in a coffee shop for a chat which went well, in fact she asked if we could get together that week. I still wasn’t convinced it was real but I agreed, she even agreed to come to the house which surprised me.

Her name was Nicola, She is 25, has short brown hair, is slim with nice sized firm breasts. She’s married and loves her husband but has a fetish for fat guys, and she was quite open about what she was into. She likes fat guys to play with her tits and perform oral sex on her and then she loves to lay in her back and let him lay his fat body on her and fuck her until she cums.

So, a few days later, on an evening when my wife goes to meet her ‘friend’ Nicola arrives. My wife opens the door and lets her in and leaves almost immediately. Nicola is trembling, I told her that she didn’t have too do this but she tells me that she hasn’t’ slept because she is ‘so excited’. Me being naïve asks her sit on the settee and then I ask her how she wanted to do this The girl sits next to me just takes off her jacket and opens her blouse and shows me her bra less body and still trembling asks me to touch her.

We didn’t’ make it to the bedroom, she really got off on me sucking her tits and in the end, we are naked and she’s laying on the floor next to the file and my reasonable sized dick is in her pussy. She pulls me down so that I am laying on top of her, my body almost envelops hers and I’m shagging her for all I’m worth. In the end she’s having an orgasm and wailing and thrashing her head, her legs and arms are wrapped around me, well as much as she could and I cum. It was amazing and we meet

pretty much every week. The my wife tells me that she has chosen someone else she wants me to ‘fuck’. This time her husband was into swapping as well so they were going to kill two birds with one stone but she had a confession to make first. She is still seeing her young stud but is also seeing an older guy and is fucking him as well, her boss. He’s 65 and apparently, he fucks her over his desk pretty much every evening after work. I thought she was very clever because how could I be shagging a 25 year old and then complain about her having another man’s dick inside her. But this meant that She tells me about how she loves leaning up on her elbows on his desk wither tits bouncing as he fucks her and how they fuck for ‘ages’, how he can keep going for over an hour and how he has her missionary and doggy and how she rides him on his chair and how when he cums he fills her so much she has to take a towel into work with her. We have these conversations as though they are normal and everyone does it.

We meet her new targets on a Saturday in a hotel. They are both in their early 30’s, he is white and well built she is attractive, dark skinned (parents from Ghana) attractive and has a large chest. We talk and for ages, his hands couldn’t stay away from my wife’s leg. If it had been possible I think he would have fucked her there and then but we agree to meet again. I didn’t think it went well but the wife thought otherwise.

We didn’t hear anything for two weeks but then got a message that they wanted to meet again, this time the message was explicate. It was a little like a contract, apparently if we agreed to meet then it was taken as agreed that we would have sex, he wanted to fuck the wife, he wanted to fuck her bare back, so no condom. His wife would ride me, she didn’t like being underneath and would be in control all the time. I must wear a condom as she didn’t want the risk of getting pregnant but may agree to me not wearing a condom but I would be expected to cum after I was out of her.

The wife was ecstatic and couldn’t wait so we booked into a hotel. We were to meet in the room and they wanted the wife and I to be naked when they arrived. I was a little pissed at the demands but the wife was happy to agree to anything. We undressed and I lay n the bed under a quilt feeling like a prat, the wife wondered around the room desperate for them to arrive. I looked at her great body, large soft tits swaying when she walked. Then knock on the door came, the Mrs looks through the spyhole and squeal’s ‘oh fuck, they’re here’. Hiding behind the door she opens it and they walk in. He looks at my wife and comments on ‘how great she looks’.

They walk in ( I still feel like a prat) and say hello as though it’s a business meeting. Then the mood changes. My wife is led my her arm to the low chest of draws where she sits. He goes son about what an amazing body she has and how he’s going to ‘enjoy her’. Then he gets undressed, to mae me feel even more of a prat his cock is pretty big, my wife looks at it and says ‘oh shit’. My cock isn’t small but a little less girth and length. His wife smiles at me and says ‘hi, how are you?’ I just smiled.

She puts her hand back in the table, pulls off her jumper and unclips her bra letting her pretty big DD tits fall out. She looks at me and smiles as she undressed. Her tummy is flat and her pussy shaved and her skin shines.

As she walks over to the bed my wife lets out a squeal, we both look over and already he is down on her, her legs over his shoulders and he’s eating her pussy. His wife giggles and then pulls the quilt back ‘ lets see what we have here’ she says. I feel disgusting but her face is a picture, she just says ‘oh fuck’, and my cock disappears into her mouth for a few seconds before she climbs on top of me and eases my cock into her tight black pussy, it was so fucking hot to watch my rubber covered cock slowly stretch her pussy .

She slowly rides me, her big tits swaying, she leans forward for me to suck them before pulling back, her eyes closed and she lets out little whimpers.

My wife and her fuck buddy are going for it, both of them giggling as he bangs her pussy before pulling her onto her knees and fucking her doggy style on the floor, all the while my new ‘friend’ if slowly rising and lowering herself onto my hard cock occasionally leaving forward for me to suck her big dark nipples. She opens her eyes occasional to look at her husband pulling my wife’s head back by her hair, on one knee with the other foot on the ground his balls slapping her arse. He tried to have a sly anal fuck but he’s too big so goes back to her pussy and all the while his wife slowly rises and falls on my dick and she gently squeezer her tits.

The wife and her FB jump onto the bed , her on her back and him feeding his dick into her again but this time he fucks her slowly, the two of them sucking tongues. I realise that I haven’t even kissed my FB and I think she realises the same, she leans forward and her tongue enters my mouth, but as soon as its in she pulls back and offers me her breast which I gladly take.

My wife and her FB are taking it slow now, the room is calm. I watch them suck tongue as he slowly thrusts himself in again and again. Then his wife stops and sits there with my dick deep inside her and she shivers and takes a deep intake of breath. Then she looks at my wife and leans over to her. ‘ do you like fucking my husband?’ my wife groans but doesn’t stop exploring his mouth with her tongue. ‘can you feel his cock, can you feel it deep inside you, you fucking bitch’. I thought this was a little weird but my wife just whimpers. My FB keeps on ‘ I love watching him fuck, do you like fucking him, do you like his cock in your cunt?’ It was as thought she was getting off on asking these questions. My wife grunts again. ‘ I want to watch him fuck you and listen to you scream when he fills your pussy with cum, can he filly our pussy with cum?’ My wife pulls her tongue out of his mouth just long enough to say ‘oh fuck please cum inside me’.

He pulls himself out of her pussy and pulls of his condom and re enters her and starts to shag her hard. The two of them thrashing and biting and sucking tongue and tit. Then my FB starts to groan and ride me hard, our shagging becomes more urgent and she shudders and grunts over and over as though she’s climaxing over and over. She leans over and takes hold of one of my wife’s breasts and squeezes before rubbing her hands over my tummy and chest. My wife and her FB are shagging like animals. I comment that I’m going to cum and my ‘friend’ stops looks at me and says ‘oh fuck it’ lifts herself off me, pulls my condom off and re impales herself.

This was all too much for me and I start pouring cum into my pussy, she howls and grunts and is having a load orgasm which sets my wife and her FB off. He shudders and gives her three or four hard sharp thrusts, his face goes red. He’s filling my wife with his seed, and I know the sign’s from long ago when my wife and I fucked. Signs that tell me that’s she’s having a major orgasm.

My FB rests her body on mine and pants about how amazing it was. He looks at me and tells me how hot my wife is and what a good shag she is, my Mrs giggles and says that we have ‘got to do that again’.

We clean ourselves up and go down for a drink and go our separate ways. I have met two or three women and fucked them all over about a month but my wife well, she fucks her boss apparently two or three times a week on his desk, her young stud two or three times a week and every other weekend we either fuck our hotel friends or another young lady, and there’s occasional Nicola. So if you not having any luck keep at it because they are out there.