Written by Dirty Denise

24 Mar 2012

We had not visited Pauls Dad for at least 6 months. After our last visit where he had given me an awesome fucking, I could feel the sexual tension in the air. My fanny was dripping all the time. When we passed he would have a sly grope of my arse or slide his hand over my tits.

We were only there for two nights and on our last morning before we had to catch our mid afternoon flight I was feeling very horny, I would not let hubby shag me. I told him it would be embarrasing if his dad heard us. We went down, had breakfast, then his dad asked Paul if he would cut the grass at the back,"should take you about an hour and a half" My fanny gushed, it was hopefully going to get fucked by his lovely cock.

Paul set off on his task to cut the grass. "Think I will go for a shower" So I went upstairs stripped naked and got in to the shower, I got a handfull of shower gel and rubbed it in to my pussy it was tingling. I was tempted to fetch it off but I didnt. Then I heard the bathroom door open, it was his Dad. He came over to me and started to wash my tits for me taking great care of my nipples, then his hand slid down to my soapy fanny. He got suds on both hands and rubbed them in to my arse and fanny, sliding his hand up and down my arse crack then sliding his finger all along my pussy lips. I was in heaven, when he slid one of his big fingers in to my pussy and forced it up me as far as it would go. I had no choice but to come all over his finger. I grabbed his hand and held it in me, my legs nearly gave in as I came. He slid his finger out of me and rinsed his hands and left the bathroom. I dried my self and was about to return to our bedroom when I heard his dad say "can you give me a lift in here"

I still only had the towel wrapped around me. He was stood at the end of the bed stark naked supporting a gorgeous erection, it looked bigger than I remember it. I dropped the towel and walked over to him and took hold of it, solid as a rock as I squeezed it, sliding my hand up and down its length, till I got to the swollen head of his beautiful cock, I sat on the edge of the bed and kissed the head of his cock, then licking the tip of it, pushing my tongue in to his cock slit, I could taste his precum. I opened my mouth and slowly fed it in to me, getting all the head in to me and sucking on it, my mouth was full. I continued sucking on it, each time increasing the suction. Then I felt him pull out of my mouth, he was very close and said "I am not going to waste it in your mouth, I want to fill you with it"

I stood up and he sat on the bed, his cock sticking up in the air, I pushed him back and straddled over his cock, opening my lips getting the tip at the entrance to my fanny. He was now teasing me, pushing it in a bit then pulling it out. Then he pushed in just enough for the whole of his cock head to go inside, I wanted more of it.I sat upright now and slowly let his cock enter me all the way till I felt his rough pubes on my arse. I pushed even harder to try and get every last bit of it up me. My fanny felt full to the limit having his lovely cock up me. I savoured the moment feeling full and content. Then he started to move ever so gently, pulling out about an inch then pushing back in to me, I could feel an orgasm coming as I pushed down on him as hard as I could, not moving, just letting my orgasm flow from me, pulling my nipples at the same time.

This had turned him on as he grabbed hold of my hips and started to fuck me, I was coming all over his cock again. Then he stopped , no movement at all, his cock was fully up me but he never moved, all of a sudden I could feel his cock pulsate and he fired his come deep in to his daughter in laws aching fanny. He must have squirted at least four or five jets of warm juice in to me. I used my fanny muscles and squeezed his cock trying to get every last drip in to me. I leant over and kissed him on his chest and got off him, his cock slid out of me. I got hold of it and squeezed a bit of his come out of the tip of his cock, licking it off with my tongue. Showing it to him then putting my tongue back in my mouth and swallowed it.

I left his room and went back to my bedroom to get ready, I quickly put my panties on to catch all the come in them. I could feel it oozing out of me all the way home.

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