Written by NUDE Cple

1 May 2010

After reading this story, i have got to tell you of the experience we had while on holiday there last October, we had a very simular experience with a simular spanish man. We are a mid 50's couple who also like nude beaches and the life style that goes with it, we are also clean shaven and have been that way since we got married. My wife is 55 and has a very good body not to thin but not fat just right (Size 16) and with legs that men find very sexy, a little plump but really sexy and she also wears belly button rings that extend a little down her belly decorated with different colour stones etc, we have found this realy turns men on and looks very sexy. We were sunbathing behind a sand dune to protect ourselves from the breeze ans a yougish spanis boy walked up to us and started talking to us, it was obvious that he was a little arroused by the size of his prick, which must have been at least 8 inches and only semi hard, he commented on my wifes feet and how he liked the toe rings she was wearing on both feet and he asked if he could touch her feet and did she want a foot massage. At first my wife was a little nervous and asked him what he did during the massage, he replied that after the massage her feet would by very smooth and relaxed, my wife asked me if it was alright if he gave her a foot massage,I said it would be ok if she wanted to, so we agreed with the spanish boy and he was very enthusiastic so much so that his prick was standing passed his belly button and must have been at least 10 inches long and thick. He also commented on both of us having no body hair and how sexy it looked, he asked my wife to lie on her belly and bend her legs in the air, he then put a towel under the top half of her legs and he sat down right behind her and parted her legs so her feet were in the air and directley in front of him, he also had a good view of her shave fanny which must have been about 6 inches nfron his fully errect prick, he started to massage her feet and asked my wife if she was ok and enjoying the massage, my wife slightly turned her head so she could see what was going on and was supprised at the size of his prick which must have been 11 inches, which he wanked every so often. He looked at me and nodded and started to wank as if to ask if it was ok for him to carry on wanking, my wife was able to see everything and said she did not mind him wanking and she was quite turned on that a young spanish boy would find her sexy enough to wank over. I noddeed back and he carried on wanking and by now he must have been about four inches from my wifes fanny which was now wet with excitment and she was enjoying all the attention, he parted my wifes legs further which realy opened her fanny and the hand that he was wanking his prick with was now about an inch from her fanny and he was wanking furiously and my wife said she could almost feel his hand touching her fanny while he was wanking which she found very sexy and pushed back a little so her wide open fanny touched his hand at that moment he stated wanking very fast and came over his belly, but also carried on touching my wifes fanny with the back of his hand until he finished coming. He wiped his prick in the towel and thanked my wife and asked if we wanted to do this again, we both said yes and this was repeated 5 times during our two week holiday, which progressed to him fingering her which was a fantastic turn on for both of us. I am sure this must have been the same spanish boy as the previous story, and we cant wait to go back this year for a repeat performance -------- We both agreed it was a fantastic experience that we both want to repeat.