5 Oct 2015

I oversee twelve workers, all female. The company is strict about absenteeism, no show, no pay. It is part of my job to do the schedules so that there are enough people present to cope with the peak loads.

One Monday morning one of the girls, Rebecca, came and asked me for Wednesday off. Of course I raised my eyes and muttered under my breath, having to re-arrange the schedule at such short notice. She must have sensed my reaction , she leant closer and said quietly " I'll give you a blow job " .

Rebecca is the newest member of the team, and the oldest. She is a good worker, no beauty but pleasant, the typical wife and mother type.

I took her offer as a joke and smiled.

I was genuinely wanting to be sure whether she wanted this Wednesday or next , so I asked " when " ?

Again she leant closer and replied " after work" .

Again I smiled, and told her I would let her know.

Truth be told it was not that hard to arrange her day off as a bank holiday owed. An hour later I told her it was OK.

I thought nothing more about it. At the end of the day I made sure everyone was out of the office, closed down the computers, turned off the lights and locked up. I took the lift down to the underground car park level and went to my car. As I went to get in I was surprised to see Rebecca getting out of her car which was parked in the same line. She came over, told me to get in and drive over to the darkest corner.

The only thought in my mind was that maybe I really was going to get a blow job. Parked in the darkest corner Rebecca told me to recline my seat, then started to undo and unzip my trousers. She told me to lift my bum so she could slide them down enough. Her warm hand was playing with my balls making my cock rise.

She said " you must never tell anyone about this, and don't cum in my mouth " . I would have agreed to any terms and conditions as by now she had got my cock bone hard.

I was not expecting anything spectacular, just a regular quick blow job. I was in for a surprise. At first she just played my cock with her tongue, licking at my balls and shaft. She was looking into my eyes as she aroused me, reacting to every gasp of pleasure that I uttered. I was bursting, trying to hold back to prolong the moment. She must have sensed it as she squeezed my cock tight making my imminent ejaculation diminsh. Then she released and took me into her mouth. Soft and warm, like a touch of velver. At first slowly rising and lowering, then harder. each time I was about to spurt she stopped me, made the moment pass, then started again. Then she brought me up , took me deep in her mouth and almost started gently sucking like on a straw in a glass of coke. There was no stopping now, I tried pulling out but she held me back, then at the first pulse of my ejaculation she lifted off.

I shot my load everywhere, onto her face and throat, onto my shirt and her blouse. I did not know it was possible to fire so much so far.

And she had not finished. Her hand was squeezing the last drops from my softening cock and rubbing my own cum over my balls.

She carried on playing with me for minutes after I had finished. I was in a daze of utter satisfaction. As I came back to consciousness, I tried to make dignified small talk. " That was fabulous , thanks, wow, I'm done for . Maybe one day I can return the favour ? "

She reclined the back of her seat and pulled up her skirt . " Now would be a good time " she said.