Written by Dog_Fan

15 Nov 2011

It was late. My wife and I had been drinking and we were both naked and playing around. Our dogs started to go nuts and we became aware of a lot of noise coming from outside. I peeked through the curtains and saw 2 guys in a brawl so I decided to take the dogs outside with me to put a stop to the distubance and found that they were in an argument about their work. Both had cuts to their faces and both were doing a lot more shouting than fighting so I told them both to quit making a row and suggested they come inside to get their wounds attended to.

They both came passively enough and as we entered I shouted to my wife to get decent and then come and fix the guys up (she's a nurse). They started getting argumentative again so I sent one of them into the kitchen and the other into the living room. My wife was in the living room dressed in a wrap which barely covered the cheeks of her arse and was open enough at the front to reveal a substantial amount of cleavage. I had other problems to deal with so I pointed her in the direction of the walking wounded in the kitchen and sat the other guy down on the sofa. After a few minutes he calmed down so I told him not to bleed all over the sofa and I went to check on my wife in the kitchen.

The guy was sitting on the table, minus his jeans, and my wife was bending over cleaning up a gash in his knee. From where he was sitting, I noticed he could see right down the front of the wrap to a nipple on my wife's breast. I stood there looking too, and started thinking about sex again for the first time since we had been disturbed. Once she had cleaned the guy up he decided he wanted to go home but wasn't sure which way to go so I walked down the road with him until he found somewhere familiar. When I got back the other guy was now in the kitchen sitting on a chair while my wife dabbed antiseptic on a gash in his head. He was sitting with his nose about two inches from my wife's pussy and I knew she was naked underneath the wrap and wondered if he could smell her. I started hoping that the wrap would fall open, but it didn't and pretty soon he was all fixed up. The bleeding had stopped and he had calmed down. He asked if we minded if he stayed a while as he was feeling quite groggy so we readily agreed and gave him a brandy.

An hour passed and my wife continued to drink. Finally, she said she was going to take a bath and while she did so I told the guy that he oould stay in the guest room overnight if he wanted to. We went upstairs to sort out the room and I poked my head around the bathroom door to tell my wife that we had a guest for the night. She was now quite drunk and asked me to get some toothpaste. I was reluctant to leave her on her own now that I knew how drunk she was and I asked our guest to stand outside the bathroom door and listen out for her falling underwater. When I returned I found him in the bathroom helping my wife out of the bath (allegedly.

We all went back downstairs again and I decided to make coffee for all of us. I went into the living room with the coffee to find my wife sitting on the guys knee, one breast out and her wrap open at the waist. He immediately tried to cover her up but I told him not to worry as I it didn't bother me. My wife now lay on the sofa with her legs across his, which was the position we had been in before we were disturbed. He started stroking her legs and she responded by opening them a little, then a little more and as he became more adventurous and reached her inner thigh, her legs became wide apart and I became a voyeur as a man played with my wife's pussy rubbing her clit and delving deeply inside her.

Her tits were now out, the nipples hard and erect and then he threw caution to the wind and completely opened the wrap. I was busy rubbing a pulsating erection and my wife was busy trying to free his cock from his jeans. Then she said it would be better upstairs so we went up into the bedroom and my wife, now naked, lay on the bed. He started licking at her pussy and undressing at the same time. I was already undressed and still had a hold of my dick. My wife grabbed his and I was happy because it was no bigger than mine. I moved my dick towards her mouth and she sucked greedily then I felt her take my hand and place it on the guys cock. "I want you to wank him" she whispered as she felt around to make sure I had got a good hold.

If you had told me earlier that evening that I would be wanking another guy that night I would have said you were mad, but caught up in the lust of the moment, it seemed the most natural thing in the world. I worked his dick for a while then I manouevred it towards my wife's pussy and cupped his balls as he thrust in and out of her. My wife said she wanted to turn over, doggy fashion, and take one each end. I stuck my cock in her mouth again and cupped her tits which were now bouncing up and down as our guest rammed into her from behind. Then it was all change again and my wife sat on my face while I licked her. Suddenly I felt lips around my dick and was aware of my cock being given a well practised blow job. (It turned out the guy had told my wife he was bi while she was doing first aid and this had so excited her that she decided to see how far it would go). I didn't care right then, my wife's dripping pussy was in my face and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. we changed again and I entered her in the missionary position and shot my load within a minute. I then spectated for a while as I watched my wife enjoy the pleasures of another man. She was wanking him hard and had her finger in his arse. I knew it would be ticking his prostate because I had experienced it many times before and then suddenly his load jetted all over her arm and left breast.

We fell asleep soon after that. I was aware of some movement later in the night and my wife's moans as he played with her pussy but it felt like a dream. In the morning he went out early and came back with a bunch of flowers for my wife. They showered together before breakfast and then he left leaving in his wake a very satisfied wife and a husband who was not sure how to react to the fact that he had been sucked by another man.