Written by Ian

14 Oct 2009

The wife and I went to see a film last month I just had to write about it after reading about some of the stories on here.

It was a film I had wanted to see and but wife was bored with it to much blood and shooting more a mans film so she put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes and dozed after a while I saw that her skirt had slipped up a little so I put my hand on her leg and was rubbing her leg she opened her eyes and stopped me i told her was ok nobody was near us.

It was quite quiet only a few cpls around and mostly men but we were alone in the back row she looked around and let my hand go so i started rubbing her leg again I got more interested in what i was doing than the film now and had her skirt up more I could see her white pants and had my other hand in her blouse.

It was just then i looked along and I saw that a guy had sat about 6 seats away but wasn't looking it was kind of horny sitting with my hand up the wife's skirt and someone sitting a few feet from us

I looked at the wife and her eyes were still closed so kept playing with her and pushed her skirt up more and new if he looked along he would be able to see her pants i kept looking to see if was looking but he just got up and went away it was so horny when he was there I put my finger under her pants and started to finger her pussy when he came back and looked along and saw where my hand was I kept my hand still waiting for him to look away but he kept looking along.

I waited for a few minutes and when he didn't look away I started to finger her again I wasn't sure if i should keep doing this but she was enjoying what i was doing she had opened her legs a bit and i had pulled her pants to the side and was exposing my wifes pussy to a complete stranger i had pushed her skirt right up and was holding her pants as far to the side as i could and was just about to pull them down when i saw some people coming up towards us i pulled her skirt down and sat back.

They sat in the row in front of us and the wife sat up when she heard people getting to there seat I told her that they and the guy along from us had just come in and she sat up and straightened her skirt down I wanted to tell her that the guy along from us had watched me with my hand up her skirt and had seen her Naked pussy.

I cant believe what i had been doing but it was so erotic I hope i get a other chance to do it again.