Written by 10 incher

15 Jun 2007

Hello again, this is the finish to the lovely encounter i had with my sexy cleaner becky............after sucking her neck and having a good grope, i pulled her onto the sofa and kissed her full and sexy lips, moved down to her neck then up to her ears, she squirmed and giggled as i licked the inside of her ears then back to her neck, she called me a dirty bastard, which i loved, and mashed my lips onto hers, putting my arms round her waist and feeling her tight ass, rubbing my (by now) very hard cock against her fanny.then getting a tight grip on her ass i pulled her onto the floor, landing on top of her,i guess she wasnt expecting that, and was wide eyed with shock, so i went back to work on her neck, kissing down until i reached the zip on her tight top, here goes nothing i thought as i pulled the zip all the way down until her top fell open to reveal her lovely tits encased in a lacy bra.....heaven!the bra ddnt last long as i pushed it up over her tits, and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked hard, becky squirmed and groaned with pleasure, so i pinched the other nipple, to which she gasped again and called me a dirty fucking cunt, i looked up and smiled asking her if she enjoyed my attentions?, she smiled and told me not to fucking stop........result!, but i wanted to taste her pussy, so i kissed down lower, got to her jeans, popped the button and pulled them and her knickers straight off, then wasted no time getting my mouth on her hot and hairy pussy, enjoying the musky and sexy smell. i started licking her lips and clit, as her thighs bucked against my nose and mouth, covering them in juice. then , finding her clit again i sucked it into my mouth, her response was a very loud "fuck", so i carried on sucking it until she gasped she was gonna cum, bucking again, so i held her thighs down and sucked her clit til she came, howling the house down. After that i had to fuck her, so i ripped off my dressing gown, pulled her legs up and sank my cock into her wet pussy, fucking her hard, moving forward and kissing her mouth and her neck, all the while building up to my own cum. I groaned out loud with the sheer lust and pleasure she was giving me, soon i felt the wonderful feeling when the spunk start to rise, she must have realised i was gonna cum as she warned me, between gasps, that she wasnt protected, i said no worries, and that i just wanted to fuck a little longer,then id pull out, so she relaxed and carried on enjoying the sex, but after a few more pumps she began to cum again, and her mind wasnt on the ball, she i just pumped like crazy, she was smiling and gasping and saying " oh christ pull out, pull out" no fucking way i said, sped up again and started pumping her with cum, shot after shot deep inside her, then i slumped on top of her, she pushed me off and called me a wanker, to which i said "yes i was", "but you loved it". she smiled and told me that wasnt the point, so to make it up to her i cleaned out her pussy with my tongue, and as an extra treat i licked out her asshole too, which she loved, becky still cleans for me, fortunatly she ddnt get pregnant, and we still fuck when we in the mood, a great cleaner and a great girl, but i wouldnt say anything else when she's just licked out my asshole would i?