Written by big_alf_1

17 May 2011

I've worked for the same courier firm for 14 years now, started as a driver but now management. On occassions i still have to go out and do some deliveries, i dont mind as its nice to get out the office now and then.

Over the years i've heard the stories from other drivers where they have done a delivery to some lonely housewife and ended up getting laid. Well i didnt believe half the stories cos nothing like that happened to me. I'd seen plenty of things, ie women coming to the door with a towel round them and dropping it slightly to flash a tit as they sign for their delivery, and women bending over in a short skirt to sign, but never had the offer of a fuck, untill today that is!

I only had a few deliveries to do, it was at my 7th delivery that my luck changed. It was a bed i was delivering, 4 heavy boxes and a mattress. I got the 1st box from the van and walked upto the front door and rang the bell. No answer, so i tried knocking. Still no answer. I went back to the van, put the box back in and walked back to the front door with a card. Just as i was about to put it through the letter box the door opened and stood before me was a gorgeous looking woman. She was about 30 to 35 yrs old, long dark brown hair, big tits and lovely long legs. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt and denim mini skirt.

She apologised for not answering the door straight away, she was in the garden and didnt hear the bell. As always i was polite and said thats ok. I went back to the van and carried all her boxes and the mattress back to the house. She asked me if i could do her a favour and take them upstairs to the bedroom. We are not meant to do this but as i had plenty of time and she was a looker i agreed. She went up the stairs in front of me to show me where she wanted them put, as i followed i looked up and could see up her mini skirt. I could just see the rounded cheeks of her arse.

I put the 1st parcel in the room and went back down to get the others. Each time i went back up the stairs she was stood at the top and as i went up i could see her white panties tight across her pussy mound. I was having trouble hiding my erection in my shorts. I put the last box in the room and asked her to sign for them. She walked into another bedroom, the master bedroom, sat on the bed and signed the paperwork. Her legs were slightly apart and again i could see her white panties.

I decided to stop trying to hide my erection and just stood there in front of her waiting for my paperwork. She finished signing and looked up at me, then her eyes dropped to my bulging shorts. Her mouth opened and she looked back at my face, i thought shit, i'm in trouble now so started to apologise. She stopped me and said, " Its ok, i know you have been looking up my skirt, you men are all the same".

"Well if you women flash it then us men will look at it and this is the result", i said pointing to my shorts.

"Well i cant let you leave with that sticking out the front of your shorts now can i?". As she said that she reached forward and stroked my cock through my shorts. " It looks and feels very big", she said. I'm blessed with a thick 9 inch cock. She put her thumbs in the waist band and pushed my shorts down, letting them fall round my ankles. I stepped out of them and kicked them away. Next thing i know she's got hold of my cock pulling me nearer, then she's licking my helmet before taking me into her mouth.

She wanked my cock into her mouth and gently squeezed my balls with her other hand. I put my hand on her head and pulled her onto my cock and started to fuck her mouth. She put her hands round on my bum and pulled me into her mouth. I was in heaven, she was deep throating me, slurping on my cock. I reached down with 1 hand and squeezed 1 of her tits, her nipple was rock hard and sticking through the material of her t-shirt, she wasnt wearing a bra.

I was getting close to shooting my load but wanted to see how far she would go, so i pulled my cock from her mouth and pushed her back on the bed.I pushed her skirt up and she spread her legs, so i knew she was up for more than just sucking my cock. I pilled her panties to the side and there before me was a lovely juicy shaved pussy. I lent forward and kissed her thighs, licking round her smooth mound, then opened her pussy lips and ran my tongue up her wet slit, finding her clit and licking it. Her cunt tasted sweet, i stuck my tongue into her to get more of her juices, then back to her clit, licking it, sucking it into my mouth. She started to moan, telling me not to stop, she was close to coming. She grabbed my head and pulled my face right into her cunt, my tongue lashing against her clit hard and fast. She started to jerk, she was coming, i pushed my tongue as far up her cunt as i could, her juices flooding my mouth.

When her orgasm had died down she pulled me up the bed on top of her, grabbed my throbbing cock and guided me into her wet cunt. I slid a couple of inches in, her cunt was tight, i pulled back, almost out, then pushed forward giving her about 5 inches, then pulled out again before sliding back in, this time right in balls deep. She moaned loadly, i pulled back again, then thrust hard back into her. She was like a bitch in heat, moaning and pushing up at me to get all my cock inside her. I gave it to her slow but hard, not wanting to cum too quick. I made her cum for the 2nd time fucking her this way, her juices soaking my balls.

She wanted to ride my cock, so i pulled out, laid on my back and she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She sat straight down on it, taking it all the way inside her. Then she just girated her hips, getting fasted and faster till she came again. She then got of my cock, turned around and straddled my face. My tongue went straight up her wet puffy cunt, and she took my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking her juices from my cock.

I pushed 2 fingers up her cunt making them all wet with her juices, then carried on licking her cunt out. As i was licking her i reached up and rubbed my wet fingers round her arsehole. She didnt object, so i pushed 1 up her arse, she pushed back onto my finger, my tongue still licking her clit. Again she started moaning, this time with a mouth full of my cock, i added another finger to her arsehole and slid them in and out of her arse as i continued to lick her clit hard. She was really pushing back on my fingers and moaning, she was loving it. She came for the 4th time with my tongue up her cunt and my fingers knuckle deep in her arse.

I asked her if she liked being fucked up the arse and she said she had only ever had fingers up her arse, but was willing to try it. I got her on her hands and knees, got behind her and rimmed her arsehole, spitting on her puckered hole and worked 3 fingers into her arsehole, as she loosened up i added another finger, pushing all 4 fingers up her arse, telling her to relax and she would enjoy it more. I felt her relax, spat on her hole some more and worked my fingers in and out of her. I asked if she was ready for my cock and she said, " Yes, fuck my arse, give me your cock!".

I knelt up behind her and rubbed my cock round her wet pussy, getting as much of her juices on my cock as i could, then moved it up to her arsehole and gently pushed. Her arse opened up and my helmet was in. I held still to let her get used to it, when she was ready she pushed back as i held still. She moved back and forth, taking a bit more each time. It took a few minutes but as she reaxed more and she got used to feeling me up her arse, she pushed back and took me balls deep.

I asked if she was ok, she said she was and that it felt so big in her arse but she liked the feeling of being stretched and filled. I took hold of her hips and slid out, just a couple of inches and then back in. I fucked her arse like that for a while, then she started to push back at me so i pulled out further and thrust my cock back in her arse harder. " Oh fuck yes, that feels so fucking good, fuck my arse, give it to me, harder, fuck my arse harder!".

I knew i wasnt going to last much longer so i let her have it, i speeded up and pounded her arsehole for all i was worth, my balls swinging against her cunt with each inward thrust. Her hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit, she was screaming at me to fuck her hard and fast. I told her i was going to cum. "Oh yes you bastard, cum up my arse, i want your spunk deep in my arsehole, dont stop, dont stop, ahhh yes, ahhh ahhh ahhh".

As she came for the 5th time i shot my hot sticky spunk deep in her arsehole. We both collapsed on the bed, my cock still in her arse, untill it sofened and fell out. I looked down at her fucked arsehole and saw my cum running out of her hole. I moved down and licked around her arsehole, taking my spunk into my mouth, then moved back up and kissed her, sharing my cum with her.

I still had more deliveries to do so had to get dressed and leave, but she gave me her phone number and told me to txt her next time i was out the office and had time for a fuck. She said her husband was at work all day Monday to Friday so she would always be free, especially if i fucked her like that every time. I told her i've got a mate that i might take round sometime, she loved that idea and said dont leave it too long as she always wanted to have 2 cocks at once. I told her we would dp her, she asked what that meant, when i told her 1 cock up her cunt and 1 up her arse at the same time she smiled a big amile and said she cant wait. So it looks like i'll be showing her loads of new stuff and turning her into a bigger slut than she already is. Next time i see her i'll ask her if shes up for dogging.