Written by Claire's Friend

26 Jul 2017

My friend, Claire, is the same age as me, early 60s, and has been widowed for almost eight years. She hasn't had a man since her husband died and the few times we talked about it she said she didn't need sex anymore, plus she lamented there isn't anybody interested in her since she looks her age, with a plain face topped by grey hair, and with only an average figure showing its age.

Then, about six month ago, she seemed different. A new look on her face and a 'spring in her step'. I let it alone for a couple of months, and then asked her about it. At first, she denied anything was different, but I persisted. She then said I couldn't breathe a word about it to anyone else, but a younger man living in her block of flats who worked from home was giving her massages, something he did 'on the side'.

I said, "That's it. This change in you is because of massages?" She looked embarrassed, and then said, "Well, it's a bit more than massages." Understanding suddenly hit me and I blurted out, "You're having sex with him?" She nodded a 'yes', then couldn't hold back any longer and added in a rushed manner like if she didn't get it all out at once, she wouldn't be able to tell me, "We don't even pretend any longer it's a massage. When I need it, I call him and then go over to his and we go to bed for at least an hour and have the most wonderful sex. I haven't come so much, even when I was married. He fills me up like never before and I can't get enough. And I come and come, sometimes five or six times in a row when he pounds me hard and fast after the first one. I never knew a woman could come that many times in a row - certainly not me. With my husband it was once, if I came at all, and then we were finished. And, he says he loves having sex with me despite our age difference, and he can't get enough of me. He even calls me between times to go to bed with him" She ended with a shy, downcast look on her face.

I asked how it came about and she told me she met him one day in the exercise room in the basement of her building and they got to chatting about this and that, and when she complained of always being sore all over afterwards, he offered to massage her. He seemed nice enough and he lived in her building, so she took a chance and had him come up right then and do it. She then told me how it evolved with him getting her to eventually take off her bra. And she loved it when he massaged, actually caressed, her breasts and rubbed her nipples between his fingers.

Then, without much difficulty, he talked her into allowing him to pull down her panties. She said she was lying on her back and when he slid her panties down her legs it reminded her of when she was newly married and her husband would do that so he could get to her pussy. And it made her wet, or more accurately, wetter since his caressing of her breasts and nipples had already made her wet.

He then massaged her legs, ending up with his fingers between the top of her thighs caressing her slit and clit. When she was aroused enough so she was rolling her hips and flexing her legs a bit from side to side, he slipped a finger up her, then added a second finger, and fingered her to a come. As she started to come down, he took off his clothing and climbed onto the bed. She eagerly parted her legs for him and he mounted her. She said his cock was a bit bigger than her husband (her only lover up till then), but she was so wet from his finger fucking, it easily went up her, filling her totally.

She was so eager for it, she immediately initiated the thrusting with her hips and, as she put it, 'he went along for the ride'. She said she actually fucked him for that first time, out of her mind with lust, and came within just a few minutes. She held him in her and kissed him. He kissed her back and then got her to open up and he tongued her for the first time in her life, and she loved it, tonguing him back.

He then fucked her to a second come, but instead of letting her come down afterward, he quickly resumed his fucking after letting her come down just for maybe a half minute and she quickly came again. He did that twice more and she came each time. Then he did her again and came with her, flooding her pussy with his hot cum. She had forgotten how good that felt so she kept him in her, both of them slowly fucking each other until his cock got too small and they had to stop.

By the time she finished enthusiastically giving me the details of her first time with him, she was flushed and squirming her hips where she sat, as was I if truth be told. It was obvious she was very aroused and she quickly excused herself and went to the loo. I knew what she was doing, and when she returned a few minutes later, I couldn't resist and asked if she now felt more relaxed. She shyly smiled as she replied, "Yes, telling you got me all 'sexed up'. I can't believe how sexual I am now at my age with him. He makes me feel like I'm a courtesan. I was never this way when I was young, even with my husband."

To my questions, she answered that he was in his late 30s, had been divorced for a few years after finding his wife was fucking all of his friends behind his back, and had moved here to get away from all the people who knew about his humiliation. And she again said, this time with wonder, that her age didn't bother him at all. As a matter of fact, he told her after the first few times that her sexual response to him at her age actually was highly erotic for him, and he was now 'into' older women.

We talked some more and when I asked her for his name and number, she asked me wide eyed if I would cheat on my husband. I told her he hadn't shown much interest in sex these past few years so our frequency had dropped off and I needed more. Long story short, she let me use her flat that first time and it was wonderful. Since then, I see him in his two or three times a month, and he takes me to the heights for an hour or so.

Thinking about him fucking me makes me horny between times, so I've begun to initiate sex with my husband and am getting some from him. Of course, when he's in me, I'm thinking about my younger lover and come with hubby inside by rubbing my clit when I get close. I'm also thinking about 'branching out' and seeing if I can pull another younger man for myself, maybe in a pub or club with Claire along to give me courage.