Written by ka123

1 Sep 2014

As I told you lat time we had turned out little game our fancy in to reality and what I didn't realize how it would change our life, we had been a ordinary married couple jest using sexy talk to pep up our love making but now we had taken the step of making it happen for real,it was the next morning that it hit me what we had actually done the night before I think we been on a sexual high but in the cold light of day that had gone

We where both in the kitchen, I think we where both a tad embarrassed we didn't say much at first, it was Sandra that asked if I was alright I replied yes, there was a pause before I asked how she was, she said she was fine then a pause before she said did we make a mistake do you think, the truth is I didn't know if we had but at the same time I didn't want to upset her, so I said well it was a new experience

After I said that she seemed to loosen up a little and asked what my feeling where now

It got a bit complicated to much to go into but the long and short of it was we where both worried about each other

We had a long conversation about how we felt and did it do any harm I think the we though it didn't but the big question was what now was that a one off or not, I was a bit surprised by my wife's views on that her point was if I was okay last night and it didn't upset me she like to try it again she also pointed out how aroused I had been and now we had meet Graham and he seemed a nice feller and could be trusted she thought maybe we could see him again, she went down the road of saying no one knew about last night it was all privet no one knew Graham so he couldn't tell any one one we knew and its not going to get out so we are safe in that respect, it was becoming obvious she did want more of what he gave her last nigh, we carried on talking about it on and off all day

It was when I got her to tell me what it was really like for her, I knew then if we didn't do it again she may find away to do it behind my back and that was the last thing I wanted, when I asked about his size she said when she first touched it then sore it she was shocked how big it was and she said she had some doubts at freest, I wanted to know what it was like and how it felt when he went into her to start with I felt she held back on them details but she she did say it felt huge and she did say the climaxes she had where the most intense she ever had

I didn't under the time how it had changed her, I remember when we got the rabbit it was a long time before it was used, we where quite adventurous in bed but it always took time for Sandra to do things and get into new things, I was to find that did change

That night Sandra was as horny as hell we had sex she was more her self that god it wasn't loose but I did get the feeling I didn't quite do it for her she appeared to cum as she normally do

So on the Sunday she phoned Grahame they had a long chat I was there and it appeared he could come over till the next Saturday so that was arranged, I am sure she spoke to him a few times that week but I was not told, it was a few things he said when he was here

So on Saturday Sandra wanted to pop to the shops she need a new dress and as well as underwear it took all afternoon, on getting home it was a rushed meal and she was upstairs getting ready,when she was doing that I had a phone call from some friend to ask if we wanted to go out I made an excuse

When she came down she looked lovely the new dress was a red halter neck quite short very different from what she would normally buy and wear I could see she had no bra some thing I didn't think she go with out one, when I said that she said it wouldn't work with this dress, it was summer time and Sandra suggested I pull the blinds in the lounge

It wasn't long before the door bell rang, she said you go encase it some one else, I did and it was Graham, he smiled saying how are you then shock my hand and gave me a bottle of wine, I took him to the front room, my wife stood up and kissed him on the cheek more like it was one of our friends, it was more relaxed and friendly than last time we had a glass of wine and talked, this is when I pick up on a couple of things that Sandra must of told him, he said its always a bit awkward the next day after the first time but I am glad you where okay and you trust me she had to of said that to him

As we talked it seemed that Graham must be quite experienced with couples like us he was trying to ensure that things would be fine, he hinted its better if the husband gets involved After an hour or so of chitchat Graham made a move he kissed my wife I was surprised at her apart from kissing him back I expected that, she then snuggled up to him it was more like he was her boyfriend we where still talking he was running his hand up and down her leg, I thought he may do what he did last time almost have her on the soda but no a little later he whispered some thing to her she smiled and said to me we going upstairs, as they where about to leave Graham said to me are you coming, so off we go

This time it wasn't quite the same Graham did keep my wife standing up kissing he never really touched her much some how it looked like he was getting her to undress him he never told her to do it, it seemed to happen, his shirt was off Sandra was undoing his trousers then he stopped her kissed her and undid the tie behind her neck her dress fell away she was topless she must of been aroused by the look of her nipples,she undid the trousers and they came down once more Graham had no underpants on. he put a hand on her shoulder Sandra knew what he wanted her to do, she dropped to her knees and got hold of his still quite limp dick she pulled the foreskin right back and started to lick it, it was quite amazing to watch to see my topless wife on her knees getting another man hard and it didn't take that long before her had a raging hard on

We do oral but as a build up to sex, it started to look like this was a bit more than that it started with a blow job with my wife doing it till Graham got hold of her head then slowly at first he was more like fucking her face, he keep pushing more in her mouth he gave her time to get her breath but each time more was pushed in till in the end she gagged once more he took it back and out once she wiped her mouth and got her breath back he put it back in then did it again she gagged, it was amazing she keep doing it she was dribbling as well, if I had tried that she would of told me to sod of, he was going to the back of her trout each time now in the end she wanted gagging very often once it reached that stage he seemed pleased and stopped

He then got her to stand up removed the dress I was really shocked to see she had no knickers on and also how hard her nipple where

Graham lay her on the bed and got on with her there was a snogging session he started to finger her but only used one finger it was obvious what he been doing had turned her on she was wet, he then started to suck and lick her tits he did that for some time before going down on her by then Sandra was gagging for it I never seen her so horny Graham was going to make her wait I am sure that was his idea

He was between her legs then he said to me why doing you take your close off I wasn't to sure about that I didn't really what him to see how much smaller I was than him, in the end I gave in, he had a good look at me he didn't say any thing but he did smile

He was holding his cock it was touching Sandra's pussy he started to teas her with it

he push the end jest in then pull it out after doing that Sandra said Graham fuck me fuck me he teased some more she said again Graham fuck me then please fuck me

That is when he pushed the end right into her she gasped out loud he fallowed that with a forceful thrust sending in about half his cock, my wife almost screamed he gave another thrust and she did this time it wasn't the slow gentle penetration of last time he went into her in two very hard thrust and did she know it by the look on her face, I wonder if he had planed this and that is why he fingered her with one finger not two

Well Graham was up to the makers name now, my wife lay there gasping and panting, as he started to move there was a couple of fanny farts, when he was fucking her it wasn't like the last time he fucked hard and fast it seemed she was enjoying it she climaxed very quickly and had more than one, like last time he never slowed when she came

I was surprised by the way he keep going when she started to cum again he went faster this time she keep climaxing she was screaming, I thought he maybe about to cum but no he did stop but that was to to drag my wife onto her hands and knee's then he drove his cock up her again after a sort time she seemed be cumming all the time I didn't think she could take much more,she could no longer hold herself up

Graham then pulled her over onto her back picked her legs up onto his shoulders and went into her again, as he fucked he waved to me to come over then told me to put my cock in her moth I did as he asked I had to knelt on the bed which wasn't easy with him fucking her,some how he put a hand round my backside to keep me there, I was at bursting point any way as soon as I felt her mouth suck I exploded Sandra had little chose but swallow it some thing she never done before, once Graham had seen what had happened he let me go I got off the bed he then fucked her like a mad man till me shot his load inside her

What had really happen was we had both used my wife, and the thing was it was Graham that instigated if I told my wife what we would do a few weeks ago she gone mad, but she seemed to expected it now and didn't seem to mind what we did, she lay there exhausted panting but what a sigh she was some of my spunk had run out of her mouth and Garham's was running out of her cunt the session had last over an hour

Graham and me ended up in the lounge while Sandra showered, he was telling me I need to be more involved in what we are doing he like me to help him I asked what he meant he said we need to it make more like a threesome and help me get her ready to be fucked and do things like I had jest done she said she needs that and its always better for the wife to have the husband involved she feels better about it, once my wife came down he didn't say any more, I know now he knew Sandra was hooked on his cock and the sex he need me on his side I was soon to find out he was making us a cuckolding couple a word at the time I hot heard of or knew what it was, as I said Graham was experienced and he knew what he was doing he became a regular visor most weekends and I got deeper and deeper into it

It seemed easy for him to turn my wife in a cock slut she was on the way the first time he fucked her, I was the one that needed the training it didn't take long and I was hooked as well

Things snowballed from then on, it started we both us undressing my wife then I go down on her she would suck his cock, she always give me a blow job when they fucked, we where only a short step away from things like putting him into my wife to fuck her some thing I never dreamed I would do touch another mans cock

The biggest thing of all and I am sure Graham suggested this to Sandra was she asked me to to go down on her after she had been fucked, it took a lot of doing but after I did do it I found it not as bad as I thought after I started doing it, it lead on to Sandra and me in a 69 and Graham fucking her from behind I even started licking him as well even holding his balls as he shoots inside my wife, he got Sandra to suck his cock after sex when I was going down on her, then one night I done my cleaning duties as he called them my wife was still suck a stiffening cock and she pointed it at me and Graham said help her out I funded myself shearing his cock given him a blow job, once I did that once I then sucking his cock before they had it and afterwards, I ad become a cocked husband the wired thing I was enjoying it

It was like when our son was home from uni, my wife still wanted fucking she went with out for over a week and then told me she need to have Graham's cock, she had to go and see him I made excuses to my son where his mother was and that was the first time she got her ares fucked by Graham we don't lots of time she said she thought it be the same but his size it really heart her but the stupid thing she let him do it a few times after that till she could take it quite easily next move was more radical what he was going to get us into but I have to tell you about that later