Written by Rob Courte

10 Mar 2008

My girlfriend Theresa and I used to often tell each other our fantasies during lovemaking. These included asking another woman or another man or a couple to join us, as we had both had some same sex experiences in our younger days and were excited by the many permutations and combinations our wildest dreams could conjure up.

Theresa had always talked about moving to the country and one day decided she was ready to leave the city and go and live her dream. She moved to a little village about 150km away. This made it difficult for us to continue a regular relationship but I would try to visit as often as possible. Inevitably, over the space of three years, my visits became fewer and the time we spent together, shorter.

Several months ago I became friendly with a stunningly attractive Indian lady, Indira, who works in our building. She was in her late 30’s and always dressed immaculately, had a lovely serene manner about her and always wore the most seductive perfume I had ever smelt. Our friendship went from a polite morning greeting to stopping to chat and soon we started to have coffee together. Over time, we became close friends and Indira began to confide in me about how lonely she was, as her husband worked long hours and was not interested in being intimate any more.

Being the gallant gentleman, I asked if she had thought of having an affair, and offered myself as her lover. I told her she was so attractive and how it was such a waste for her to just stay home and feel despondent. She confided that she had an arranged marriage in India and had been with no other man except her husband during her 20 years of marriage. She added that her strict upbringing and grandmother’s stern warning, that sex was only for having children, had affected her attitude about sex, but now she was curious and wanted to find out what she had been missing for all these years. She was in two minds about having an affair with another person and agonised over my offer.

Eventually, and after many numerous and intense, deep and meaningful discussions, Indira finally agreed to meet me and spend a day together. The day was perfect and we walked, chatted and finally decided that we would try to consummate our relationship. It was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. I slowly caressed and got to know Indera’s willing body. We seemed to flow into one another and after an erotic shower where we both saw each other naked for the first time and caressed and licked and sucked each other, we fell into bed and slowly massaged each other and relaxed. Indera was too apprehensive to have full sex, but she let me lick her pussy and breasts and later licked my cock balls and rimmed me before sucking my stiff cock to a thundering orgasm where I shot ropes of thick cum over her chest and breasts.

Afterwards we chatted and talked about our fantasies and Indira seemed interested in meeting another woman to see if she liked F/F sex. I had previously told Indera of Theresa and also mentioned to Theresa that I was seeing a gorgeous married lady. Both ladies were very keen to know more of the other and it did not take long for me to wonder if Indira was interested in meeting Theresa.

I sounded out both women about meeting and both were keen although, Indira stipulated that the first meeting was only going to be for a chat and to get to know Theresa, but definitely no sex.

The fateful day arrived, Indira was dressed in a beautiful white sari that seemed to flow with every step she took and looked fantastic. We drove up the coast to Theresa’s home in the country, stopping on the way to buy a bottle of liqueur, wine and some snacks.

Theresa greeted us at the door and it was obvious that she was only wearing a teddy under her pants and top. After chatting for a few minutes the liqueur was opened and Theresa started to knock back glass after glass until a third of the bottle was gone. She started to ask Indira many personal questions and began to come on really strong, repeatedly suggesting that we all go upstairs to the bedroom and telling Indira how beautiful she looked. Indira was a bit apprehensive but agreed so we all went upstairs where Theresa sat in a chair and told Indira and I that she wanted to see us make love.

Indira and I lay on the bed and kissed and hugged. I then started to rub her back and removed her top, bra and finally her sari. Her dark skin and brown nipples were wet with perspiration as I licked her breasts and slowly worked my way down to her soft wet pussy. As I licked her clit, Theresa slowly came over to the bed, she had removed her clothes and was now only wearing the see through teddy. She expertly undressed me as I continued to pleasure Indira before climbing onto the bed and started to lick Indira’s breasts. Indira started to moan as we both pleasured her gorgeous body. After a while we swapped places and Theresa expertly licked Indira’s swollen pussy while I worked on her breasts. Theresa stopped licking Indira occasionally to suck my stiff cock and then I moved up so that Indira could also take me in her mouth. I was in heaven as the two women took it in turn to suck me.

I kept on asking Indira if she was OK or wanted to stop, but she only moaned louder as Theresa’s tongue found its, mark again sand again, sending her into an even more aroused state.

I started to caress Theresa’s breasts and wet pussy, while she continued to lick Indira. I was able to slip my totally hard cock inside Theresa and give a few quick and deep strokes before I had to pull out to avoid cuming.

As I lay on the bed, Theresa turned over and got on top of me slowly guiding my cock into her tight wet pussy. She ground herself into me and within a few short moments I felt the juices rising. Trying hard to stop myself from cuming I pushed Indira off and dug my nails into my cock but I was beyond the point of no return and shot my hot cum into the air and on to Indira’s legs, pussy and lower chest.

I lay quietly still, as the two ladies climbed over me to get to each other where they embraced and hugged and I watched enthralled as Theresa resumed her seduction of Indira, first kissing her mouth, then working down to her breasts and finally burying her head into Indira’s still unsatisfied pussy.

I was totally enthralled by watching the two women and soon my cock became hard. Next, Theresa positioned herself on top of Indira and started rubbing then grinding her pussy against Indira’s as she opened her legs wide to accommodate Theresa’s urgent thrusts. I got behind Theresa and fingered her tight bum hole then lowered my head to lick the juices flowing from the two women as they built up some momentum.

Finally Theresa gave out a long moan of extacy as she came over the top of Indira. They both lay still in each other’s arms for a few moments until Theresa recovered some composure then began to slowly caress Indera’s breasts and neck, I wish I had a camera to record the moment.

The drink finally began to affect Theresa and she fell asleep for an hour while Indira and I got dressed and chatted about our first m/f/f experience. Indira said she was sorry she could not bring herself to reciprocate Theresa’s attention.

Much later, on the drive home, Indira admitted to me that she quite liked her pussy and breasts being licked by Theresa and I have a feeling that I have created a bit of a sex monster as Indira has now expressed an interest in a possible m/m/f and even a foursome with another bi curious couple.

I cannot wait to arrange our next outing and to report back on our activities.