29 Jun 2016

I am Tim, 38 been married to Sharon 36 for 6 years, before marriage we had experimented quite a bit, just between ourselves you understand, Sharon is 5'4, a little plump, not fat but no racing snake either, she has black hair, green eyes and 34D tits. I had been trying to persuade her to see another man for about a year, she always said the same thing "no one is going to fancy a little pudding" i assured her she would be surprised if only she gave it a chance.

well a few weeks ago during the hot spell, she finally snapped and agreed to give it a go. I decided to buy her a few things, purely because it is what i like, ik got her some wet look faux leather jeans,.....black, some sexy underwear, a lacy bra, and a black zip up PVC jacket, she was horrified when she saw them, but i did finally persuade her to put them on, the evening in question we drove to a neighbouring town, and picked a lively pub (i don't drink anyway), i let Sharon go in ahead of me, when i went in she was at the bar ordering a drink, i settled a short way away and got a coke, very little happened for ages, she managed to find a seat, eventually a guy bought her a drink, and chatted but after 40 mins or so he left, i signalled to Sharon and we discreetly left, and moved onto a club, this time i went in first, Sharon came in after, she was drinking quite a few double vodkas and after a while she was being chatted up again, ii had kinda got bored and went outside for a cigarette, whilst chatting to some guys in smokers corner, Sharon and the guy came out and headed for the carpark, i quickly finished my tab and followed, couldn't see which car they had gone to at first then spotted them leaning against the wall at the far end, not sure if i could be seen but i wasn't reflected by the car park lights however they were, and they were kissing passionately, so much for Sharons nervousness, i was getting aroused, next thing is he has unzipped the jacket, and boy did i get a surprise, the dirty slapper had no bra on, this excited him and he starting playing with her nipples, and the tart was rubbing his cock through his jeans, very soon he had her jeans open and his hand inside, they moved at this point, out of site, but judging by the car bouncing i guessed she was laying over it, and by the noise the trollop was making he was inside her, i went back inside, half an hour later i got a txt, "not coming home tonight, going to Marks",.

I picked Sharon up from the bus stop in the morning, still dressed as she was the night before, when she got in i could immediately smell the sex, i asked her why she hadn't worn the bra, she simply said i didn't wear the panties either, the inside of these trousers is a mess, once home i stripped her and screwed her, we then lay there whilst she told me what happened after the carpark