Written by More than i expected

2 Jan 2018

My name is suzzi i am 28 and lets cut to the chase ive always been a bit female bi curious but never done anything about it ,my old boy friends thought i was hot when i liked watching porn with them but realy it was me getting off looking at the sexy hot women , firm tit , trimmed pussy and nice bodies ooooohhhhh nice , i have a few sex toys i like to play with , anyway i like to go training in my local sports center , curcuits , high intensity training i love it , there are 3 instructors 2 woman and a man , the 2 girls are great my favourite is sasha 26 or 26 , strong legs , strong shoulders, firm boobs , peachy arse and sometimes a little camel toe , a few weeks ago we had been doing some pyramid HIT training , so hard , there was only 7in the class , we finished , had a great cool down sesh , some of the others had to go , i said i needed a good body stretch , sasha said she would join me , legs a kimbo the stretch was hitting the right spots , i twinged a bit i pulled on my inner thigh by my knee , sasha took me into the yoga room as it was empty , her magic hands were sending sensations to my pussy as her hands were close to my groin , she looked at me and said how does that feel i said amazing then , it happened sasha said are you tender anywhere else , i said your close , she looked at my groin thru my training shorts then she moved close and kissed me ever so softly then a bit more full on , then her fingers found my pussy and i moaned , a bit firmer on the rubbing and it was the quickest i have ever come , amazing , i said we have to go somewhere else , we agreed , getting our stuff together no shower , sasha said get in my car i will bring you back , we went to a nearby park layby , parked up and she adjusted her seat and she called me a fuckin tease , saying she didnt know if i wanted some fun with her , i said this was my first time , anyway we kissed and she wanted to see my tits she said her thing was nipple , in a minute she was licking and nibbling my solid nipples , i was loving the feeling , still licking a hand was trying to get into my shorts i said my panties will be wet , good she said , her hand into my pants and 2 fingers easy into my wet pussy , frigging me close to my clit, nibbling on my nipple orgasm number 2hit , furiously frigging and a 3rd small one hit , she pulled her hand out and told me to lick and suck her finger , so horny , she said my turn , no time for foreplay i want licking , a wiggle of her arse her shorts and nics were off a quick look around no one around, legs open and knees up , there was a wet pussy winking at me ,i moved into the clit and started licking her pussy lips and clit , she said lick me and pinch my nipple hard , a few minutes later , she spurted in my mouth , she tasted sweet , pushing on my head i carried on licking , until she stopped , she kiss me , sharing her juices , she said we will have to do this again. We giggled as we got dressed , then she drove me back to my car , my bi curious box is ticked but i want it licked , we are planing a night out soon , i cant wait ..........will let you all know , what happens when it happens ?x