Written by Clare

23 Jul 2013

After an experience I had on holiday I don't think I will ever get over, it triggered some thing in me some thing new I never knew was there or existed, I felt guilty for weeks later

In twenty years plus marriage I had never been unfaithful, but now thinking about it the opportunity had never arisen in my time time I been chatted up and had pareses made to me

I had never taken seriously more flatted than any thing

Thing where about to change after getting over my guilty feelings which took time I started thinking sex had never been like that before my thoughts where really I had never archly enjoyed it that much I cant remember the last climax I had with my husband I had faked them lots of times but when was the last time he really rang my bell,I guess for years now its some thing we do after he pester me and I give in when I looked at thing I live boring life in and out of bed, I am more like a event to him and my kids they have left home now the last going to uni

I really took a serious look at myself and my life,I am now forty looking in the mirror I still not bad looking not put wight on or ant thing like that got away with having two kids quite well no stretchmarks boobs are not quite as firm as they once where I need my bra now but there again they are not small

My one ex-marital discretion had surprised me apart from enjoying it and climaxing it gave me some thing to compare my husband to and I had never realized quite how small he really is he must of satisfied before or did he, the comparison thinking about he is I guess about five inches long its not that much wider than a finger compared to the other one which could of been over six inches not sure but it seemed long and my finger jest about went round it where with my husband they over lap, I couldn't get over the how that felt, that was one thing that came back to me a lot that feeling of him inside me

It was some months later I met a girlfriend for coffee and she was telling about another friend of ours it seemed she was having affair my question was with who, well that's it she said its a bloke off the Internet and she didn't know who it was, my fiend a gossip any way and she want to know what I knew about it, it was all new to me I told her

A week or so later the friend Lin that was supposed to be having the affair we bumped into each other shopping, it was then she came out and told me more to find out if ant one knew about it,or I had heard any roamers

After our chat it got me thinking, after looking at my situation one of the things I had thought about if I ever was going to do any thing like that again myself it be a question of how and where do you meet some one,it couldn't be and one we knew

A few days later I decided to call Lin and see if she like to come round for coffee a day later she was at mine, I told her I had heard a roam from our friend and she a gossip

and I try to put pay to that for her with a story she swallow

I wanted to find out the details, Lin admitted her adulatory quite open to me saying she trusted me, as her story came out about how unhappy she was with her husband how lacking in bed he was and her frustration and how its been like that for years, I started to think well that a mirror of me in so many ways, not telling her I had tasted the forbidden fruit on holiday

We had a long talk that afternoon, Lin seemed revealed she found some one to talk to

In days we became closer as friends, she said then I seemed very curious the way she had meet Graham the man in question I was guessing it was Face book or some thing like that

I was really surprised when she told me it was dating site and said if you are interested I can show you where and with in minutes we where looking on my laptop, it was one hell of an eye opener for me, it was men and woman as well as couples advertising them self's

I told Lin it didn't interest me, I did get a funny smile from her, after she left I got on my laptop all I had to do was click where we been I remembers what she had put in and it opened it up for me as if I was her, I thought I was safe as she said she not been on there for a long time looking at the messages they went back a few weeks I opened a few of the older ones jest to see what was said Christ things they said and hell the photos some had, I looked at adds and story's over a couple of days I was getting turned on by it, the next step was for me to go on as some one new, which I did after a lot of thinking about it and telling myself if was for me to jest look, all the time it said join for free, I then thought well why not then I found there was a charge in the end I did pay it then it wanted me to do a profile which I didn't to start with when I did it took me lots of attempts till I came up with one I also added a photo one from holiday in a bikini one you couldn't see my face, well after that each time I looked there was more messages after a time I did reply to a few this was now exciting me sexually

By then I was chatting to two blokes and a real funny one was a couple that wanted me to join them,it was a night I had to let my husband have his way I had been making excuses for days, well he didn't do a thing for me after all his thrusting it was over in minutes and he went to sleep in a way I was glad it didn't take long to get it over with

I now think that was the thing that made me take that step, the wired thing it ended up being the couple one reason was both the guys lived the other side of the country and the couple where only thirty miles away the husband Brian was spotting a really impressive erection in his photos which I was told it was some seven and half inches long with a large girth, the one thing that was putting me off was the fact in there profile it said Sally was bisexual I explain I was not, it was then she started to message me then it was emails and we became quite friendly I explained my situation and problems and issues I had, in the end I found we where making arrangements to meet in the day time so no worries about getting out at night explaining all that to my husband,I was to go to them

meet in a pub for lunch, hell was I nervous

My sat nave found it, I was presently surprised to find both of then really nice people

After a light lunch it was suggested we when back to there's Sally came with me to show me the way I found I was a lot more relaxed than I expected

Once at there house my nerves kicked in but both could see that and both where really nice, it was Brian that sorter mad a move on me he was not pushy we ended you kissing Sally had keep well out the way, lets say I was seduced is one of putting it, we got round to heavy petting, some how Brian and me ended up in there bedroom I was down to underwear him in boxes it was obvious he was hard I was surprised when he pulled them down and it was there in the flesh it did look huge to me, I had gone past the pint of no return by then,I was then sucking him it was then I felt my bra come undone I didn't notice Sally join us on the bed she was naked, I was engrossed with what I was doing

With no bra my breast where hanging down my eyes closed concentrating on what I was doing

I thought it was Brian playing with my tits it was heaven god my nipples where as hard as rock, then a hand on the gusset of my panties it rubbed my pussy very gently then I felt fingers move the gusset to the side I gasped with a mouth full of cock one or two finger went inside me if I had of thought about it Brian has only two hands

It must of been obvious I was getting near cumming the finger then played with my clitoris oh my god that did it each sexual part of me was being stimulated at the same time I had never experienced any thing like it before I felt my body shake as I cum

Some how after that I ended up on my back Brain between my legs his manhood jutting out

Sally almost laying beside me, almost in a whisper I heard say you can have my man now

As she said that I felt Brian's cock touch my pussy and felt a hand slip over my tummy Sally was looking at my face it was her hand the finger seemed to open my pussy lips

as the knob end slid into me my pussy seemed to stretch he felt big I was very full almost right away he was past where my husband can get and it was still moving I think I may of been tighter from there I had more feeling sensation of his penetration I could tell he was a lot wider than I am used to, it was then Sally's finger started to gently massage my clitoris oh my god she was stating to make me cum I couldn't help it I lifted my hips her husband was about ball deep inside me and he was deep, with what Sally was doing to me my pussy musicals contracted as the cock was now moving the sensation was very intense I was gasping as started a climax and was it a strong one the cock was now more like a piston in me with what Sally was doing I was going mad I had what is called a multiple climax

Sally stopped play with my clt and started on my tits, her husband was fucking at full force she played with my tits and sucked my nipple that gave me more new sensations I guess Brian fucked me for a good ten minutes like that the funny thing I like what Sally was doing I had arched up Brian tensed on top of me as he let his load go Sally kissed me not jest a kiss this was tongue the works from both of us it felt right natural I panted in her mouth I was breathless as her husband withdrew my arms where round her I kissed her with passion afterwards I head myself thanking her we held each other as Brian got off me we lay hugging each other I was still coming down Brian must gone and left us alone

We seemed where holding each other a long time till she kissed my neck it once more felt natural to me I could feel her stiff nipples she was warm and nice my hand found a breast

we snogged as our hands explored each other Sally gently guided me I was soon fingering her she rolled over on her back and let me have my way it was really wired some how I knew what to do even when she pulled me on top of her my head between her thighs I went down on her my first ever pussy and I liked it we got each other off a few times how long we where together it was Brian that said you know what the time it is he must of been watching us

We showered together even there we couldn't keep our hand to our self I was hooked I am bi after all I have never felt so satisfied I did my makeup before I left it was funny there was no embarrassment at all we jest talked as it was a normal thing for three people to do together I left this time I had no guilty feelings at all, I got home late with my old man moaning where have I been and so on I thought little do you know and I maybe late next week as well