Written by Dannyboy

20 May 2016

Like a lot of couples these days we wanted more than just the sex of conventional marriage. We were both honest with each other. We listed our likes and fantasies and agreed to try some. My wife has had more sexual experience than me.

She came from a well off family and had attended boarding school and house shared when in college. She was honest with me and told me before we married that she had had sex with at least 40 different people before me. Four of those being female.

She also said that although she had done it, sex with a woman was nothing compared to having it with a man with a good cock. That made me feel very special.

I would have liked to try sex with 2 women but I choose to respect my wife’s previous feelings about sex with women and let her have her choices.

She wanted to have sex with men who were totally different from us, which really means different from me. We are a very respectable couple, live in a good neighbourhood, excellent house and have good income and can afford many pleasures in life.

We found a guy through a dating site and set things up for a threesome. The arrangements went well but I could not handle it. I didn’t wreck her pleasure but and went out on the balcony of the motel while she had sex with him. After they had finished she came and talked and apologised for being so vocal and excited but begged me to let her have more sex with him. I went home and she stayed the night with him. She never saw him again.

We worked out that I didn’t want to be there or see her with a man but she enjoyed herself so much I agreed to let her see some guys on her own but to keep me informed and aware of what she is doing. I like to know but not the in depth details.

She then found a biker type guy. He rides a Harley and has tattoos which is completely different to me. I drive a Porsche, no tattoos, clean shaven and short hair.

He does come to the house sometimes and they use a guest bedroom. But lately she has been going out with him on the Harley on Saturday afternoons and staying the night away.

They have been attending a biker bar and he has had sex with her in front of an audience at the bar. She has also told me that she has had sex with 2 other men at the bar while people watch.

She loves going on the Harley and has talked about learning to ride and buying one for herself. I love her in her riding clothes, tight jeans and leather. She has a great figure and looks so hot.

I get to have her when she gets home and she assures me that she is careful and everyone else other than her biker friend wears a condom. She is smart and had him checked just after they met.

I admit I am happy with that situation as when she comes home there is plenty of evidence of sex with him on and in her. They always have sex on Sunday morning before he drops her home.

We are still happy and I want her to continue but I am not too sure about what happens at the biker bar.