Written by shocked husband

6 Jan 2011

We are your every day married couple, Samantha or Sam as she like to be called,thats the missus,she is forty one,still a dam good looking woman if I do say so myself, still get the blokes look at her,the middle of last year I got laid off,after a lot of looking for a new job I stated by myself, and it not bad work has picked up nicely,so I have been busy putting all my time into that,Sam has a full time job,about a year or so ago she moved on

A younger partner where she had worked for years stated up by him self, and she had been working there as admin for Jordan,she liked him I had meet him and he was nice sort of bloke spoke to okay, not looked down on me, he knew I worked with my hands he even got me work at his house and a few of his friends which I thought was very nice of him

With the sort of work my missus do, it a bit more than jest the office,they some times have to entertain clients, it always as a bit of do as I call it, that not new,I always laugh and say let them come down the pub with I will get them a pint,well I have done it with my customers a few times,any way,I got a phone call off Jordon,asking how I was fixed to do some work,his got a holiday home on the cost,quite away from us,and it needs a new roof would have a look at it,well its a big job for me,I had a look and was telling the missus I think its to big for me to take on and it take ages to do,now thinking about it,it was a bit strange, she was really keen for me to do it,telling it put her in stead at work with Jordan, look after the boss,so I gave it a go,he suggested I could stay there and do the work,I had to take a mate with me to help me,we been there three weeks and come home for one weekend,it was mid week and my mate got pissed off and jacked, so I had to run him back,I though I would surprise Sam and maybe get my leg over and go back the next day,I was so wrong,we worked the day as I knew my mate would want paying for it

So it was late when I got home,the house was dark,she was out it seemed, at about eleven she came home, she was right shocked to see me,she got really flushed not like her at all

I thought she be real pleased to see me,she went off into the kitchen she been gone a time I went to find her,as I looked the door she was on the phone,I heard her say no his home, no its ridiculous, I didn't know,then she sore me and hung up,I said who's that she said checking for messages,that nigh in the bedroom,she got undressed in the bathroom,in bed she was willing, she felt wet,any way I got my old man up her I swear her pussy was not as tight as it was, or should be,I was off at six she was still asleep, I looked in the linen basket, and found stockings a g-string with crouch smeared and tacky it smelt of cum,on the drive back I was worried,Sam phoned later and asked twice was I staying down there,I told her I have be away longer not my mate had jacked,in the afternoon Jordan phoned to see how things where going and he asked if I was coming home

Late afternoon I couldn't stand it any more, I packed up and left for home,I got home at seven the house was dark,so let myself in, she been home I could smell her perfume,we have a big old place with a big garden at the bottom I have a workshop and garage with a little lane running at the back,thinking on my feet I put the van round the back,and went in,to wait, being curious I had a look round, it was as normal,Till I got in our bedroom, the strange thing was the duvet was off the bed,it was getting on for eleven I switched all the lights off and waited,Sam's car pulled in then another,I went into the kitchen, she came in alone I could see her looking round from the hallway,then she went back to the door opened it and waved,she then come my way I panicked and dived into the utility room,she came into the kitchen I heard glasses, then a mans vice that was Jordan, he asked if she was okay,she said yes I was worried after last night,he said his down there I phoned him, she said he nearly court us last night,what did you tell Allan last night how did you explain it to him, it was lucky you two where behind me and I phoned you before you got here,they laughed,he said some thing about luck,Jordan said he can make up for it to night she giggled

They left I came out they must of gone to the lounge, there as talking and a few laughs for an hour maybe,then I heard footsteps on the satires and the laughing as they went up

I left it a few minutes slipped down the hall looked in the lounge there was some shoes and clothes on the floor I flowed up satires,I the bedroom door was ajar I eased it open and looked in, they where all naked on our bed,Sam in the middle of them,I was in shock

I couldn't get over the other guy was black,as I watched Jordan move round and knelt between Sams legs, I could see he had a sizable cock on him,with him moving I had a good view of his friend who had moved to her head,she had both hands round a massive dick with some still sticking out which she was sucking on,Jordan came up from going down on her and said you are a guest, as I looked on the black feller positioned him self where Jordan was,then Sam cried out MY GOD YOU MASSIVE CHRIST OHH GOD THAT FUCKING BIG,there was almost a scream, he must of got right in her, he then started to move slowly at first

Jordan moving out the way to watch I could see Sams face her moth open for a time her eyes closed saying god fuck god,as she lifted her legs into the air her eyes opened,it must of let him in deeper,she gasped, he was getting going now pounding her,the bed shook and banged on the wall, he been fucking her for fifteen minuet by now,with out a pause

He slammed into her and jerked, her legs clamped round him as he pumped his seeded deep in her belly she was taken the lot,he flopped over her, almost at the same time Jordan pushed cock towards her mouth, he must of been ready to cum as she got it he spunked over her face and in her hair before she got it in her mouth

I had to slip away