Written by Mark F

20 Oct 2013

This about us a ordinary married couple, Lisa my wife is thirty nine I am fifty five

We are average in most ways the only difference could be Lisa is more a profession quite high powered management with her work and me well been in the building trade most of my life that's our working lives our home life is much the same as any one else I guess

I suppose Lisa has two circles of friend ours and one from work but its been like that from the beginning so I never worried about it much I understand what she do her job is not jest set hours there are things like meetings and other out of work commitments I have been dragged into some of the social sides at times booted and suited a little out of place

It has been like that for years, she can be at home on a weekend and still doing work for the next week that is not a problem as I like fishing and a round of golf from time to time so no hassle if I do one or the other on a weekend

It was last year there was a change I noticed Lisa was slightly on the tense side a little edgy maybe I did ask if there was anything wrong she said oh presser of work and it was left at that but thing didn't change she pick holes in things and a couple of rows

I can now see with hindsight that would've been the start of what I was to find out

Things settled down after that I didn't think any more about it, it must of been some time later there was date coming up which Lisa had asked me to keep free it was some do she would like me to go to with her I mentioned this and she was hesitant and made some excuses why I shouldn't go a bit of surprise, now thinking back before that Lisa had a lot more than normal after hours meetings or she be home quite late at the time I wasn't suspicious it never crossed my mind she be up to any thing

I was then summer time and my fishing club had got a new site a river bank so I thought I go and have a look it was a drive well out of town I found it, it looked okay even some where to part off the road well hid up also a couple of miles away was a nice looking pub it was lunch time so I thought I check that out see what the beer is like, I got there it must be popular the car park was full almost they did food I parked at the back not the main car park when it had a beer a lot of people in the beer garden looked full it was a nice day so things looked good to go fishing over there I had my drink and went out to go I had to wait for a plonker to get his car out as I got into the main car park a blue

Audie was pulling out ahead of me it looked the same as my wife's it flowed a BMW they went left towards the river I went the other way I had gone a few miles and got I on the main road and more I thought about the Audie light blue you don't see many of then about and the sane reg year also I sore there was a woman driving by now I had gone quite away

In the end I turned round and went back they went left its a back road I didn't know what was after the fishing car park but its a little road, it was almost an hour later I past the pub ten minutes to the car park I pulled in both cars where there no one in either I got out and looked it was her car its a wooded area I couldn't see anyone about jest the two cars

So I phoned my wife's mobile it rang and rang in the end she answered, I said do you fancy a late lunch she said no she was at work I could hear wind in a tree and I thought maybe a river in the background I said okay will you be back late tonight she said no not tonight a six I would think I said you get what you need to do done today there was pause and yes she hung up

I thought right I will find out what's going on, and started to walk towards the river then stopped and got in my car and drove down the road and parked in a gateway and walked back I got on the river path flowed it but where could they be I got to the river and went left I went as far as I could out of the woods no one on the why back I was thinking of excuses why I should be be there I don't know why but I was I would say the fishing there a bend in the path before the path to the car park as I came round it there they where hand in hand jest going to the car park I followed at a distance back at the cars they kissed and chatted then kissed again before leaving both car drove off leaving me heart and jealous I let them go I went back to find where they had been and jest off the river path was a grassed area some one had been in there for sure there was tissues it was well concealed trees all round it and bushes no one would see them in there

Lisa came in that evening as normal she seemed happy we had tea she chatted as normal she did ask if I was alright I was quiet I said fine in bed that night I tried my luck it was a no, I wonder if this was a regular thing going there I went there five times no sigh of them on the sixth I had parked in the gateway on the car park I was on the path a car came in then another I went and looked it was them so I went to the place they used last time and hid in the bushes I thought I got it wrong time past I was about to go and see where they where then I heard then coming I stayed where I was

They got on the grass not far from me I had a almost clear view, they seemed to look round then sit down they chatted I could hear some of it it seemed about work I didn't recognize him I would say a bit older than Lisa he pushed her back they started kissing

Then as they did that his hand rucked her skirt up and was on her thigh she obviously didn't mind in fact as it moved higher her legs parted it surprised me to see stocking tops I would of thought she have tights I watched as his arm moved he must of been at her crotch the legs where now more open she moaned Christ his fingering her he was almost laying over Lisa then her arm was moving he was in the way but she must of been rubbing his crotch all as they snogged

Things moved on quite rapidly from there he soon had her blouse undone once more I was very surprised she was bra-less and I know she had one on this morning, his hand went back under the skirt my wife lay back eyes closed as he fingered her and sucked each nipple which looked very stiff and erect her hands undid his shirt then tugged at his trousers till they came undone her hand went inside she must of had hold of him in his pants by the way her arm moved I guess he was stiff he was in the way so I couldn't exactly see what she was doing, when he move I got my third surprise that day and Christ it was a surprise he lay back his flies open my wife sat up her hand wrapped round a piece of meat

I have not seen the likes of before it was massive not only long but wide really wide abnormally fat it had some girth I don't think her finger went round it all the way

My original plan was to catch her at it and confront them and maybe give him a slap then sort the wife out when he was gone that would of been at the snogging petting stage I guess but it gone farther past that now and there was something inside me saying I want to see this I also had a hard on

Lisa was wanking him in full view, I estimate he be around seven inches at least long but it was its girth that shocked me as well as its width it had a helmet like a mushroom on the end with the foreskin pulled right back it look quite purple's dark in colour compared to the shaft which had dark veins running round it he wriggled his pants and trousers down almost to his ankles and kicked his shoes off with a bit of movement he got all of his lower closes off all was left was socks Lisa now was using both hand to wank it and her head was getting closer I though never her mouth opened she was trying to suck it she did get most of the bell end in he put a hand on her head the flange disappeared he must of pushed a bit more went in she chocked it was to much for her she pulled off it he looked pleased with her effort something was said she tried again she didn't do much more but stayed on it longer before choking and left it at that

There was a snogging session I watch as first one of his leg got between hers she parted them he was almost on top of her then then the other he was between her legs which she got quite wide for him and he lay on top completely Lisa skirt was rucked up round her waist the blouse lay open all he had on was his shirt and socks

They both looked down he fumbled with one hand, then I got his name in a loud voice she said Graham he lifted and pushed that was followed by MY CHRIST GRAHAM EASY he heaved she yelped and went JESS he pushed she gasped two more thrusts with each a gasp I guess he buried his meat she panted as he started moving in and out with odd gasp he got quite energetic as he got going my wife was going mad under him with that thing in her a slapping noise started with him grunting her gasping it was quite loud I know when my wife is going to climax and she was very near she forced her self up almost arched some how with that pounding she was getting he was hitting the right spot for sure she climaxed with a almost scream she fell back her head rolling from side to side mouth open he didn't stop she trembled her body jerked after that she relaxed is must of been some cum she had, the next thing she recovered and it was like she tried to get more of him in her legs wide open in the air the bloke can fuck for sure he was going faster the noise he made told me he was near I was right in seconds he almost roared as his nuts emptied in her he jerked on top of her he deposited his load inside her he fell on her almost exhausted panting they lay joined for time he must of lost his hard on he rolled off

Even limp it looked big they cuddled and kissed Lisa was holding his deflated cock as they kissed it was like she wanted it to grow she then reached over to her bag got some tissues and wiped her self she leaned over him and licked his dick clean that pleased he a lot by the look on his face

He looked at his watch and said time she said oh Christ I be late as they dressed he said well your husband didn't phone this time her smiled she then said next Monday going to be good for me here and Thursday evening this week how are you fixed he said that be fine a they dressed she did some makeup and they left, left me in shock