Written by Sharri

12 Jul 2018

Ive always been curious but never taken it any futher until last friday .

I work as a secretary in a advertising company in manchester , last friday i was asked by my boss to work late on a proposal.

When the documents were finished it was 8:30 pm , my boss ordered a takeaway and wine to celebrate.

The wine was nice as was the food and my boss started flirting with me and i was responded with blushes , she was very touchie feelie , my boss as always been very assertive but i didnt know she was bi or gay , halfway through our 2nd bottle of wine i was ready or should i say hoping for anything .

Jane my boss asked if she could kiss me i nodded and her electric lips made me so wet and horny, i responded when her tounge touched mine , her hands moved to my breasts , a little tweek of my hard nipples made me squirt in my panties.

Pushing me on to her desk and reaching under my skirt she found my wet panties and hot pussy .

Expertly her finger pushed into my panties and 2 slid in to my wet pussy leaning in we kissed as her thumb teased my clit and i came on her fingers , my heart was beating with passion.

She removed her fingers and licked my juices off her fingers she shared my juices with me .

Then kneeling down she removed my panties and in a flash she was licking out my pussy , her tounge flickering on my clit , a finger ticking my bumhole made me come again - a new experiance for me .

I wanted to return the experiance she said no , but we will have another meeting soon .

With a final kiss and making ourselves presentable.

I was so turned on , i wanted more but i was told to wait.

When i got home my fingers were busy on my nipples and pussy .

Jane kept my panties as a reward , i cant wait for our next meet , were ever it is i dont care , i want to taste my first pussy im up for anything .........