Written by eva

27 Mar 2008

hello i just want to tell you all about last monday,im 23 year old i live with a very nice english family out in milton keynes i work as a nanny :) where the people who i stay with live there is this old peoples care home the couple both work at the care home ,it was monday afternoon i was doing some course work when i noticed this man peeping in the window he was from the care home being sent over by the couple to do some odd jobs around the house ,so i had let him in all the time this man was in he house i was getting very turned on he was alot older than me ,not bad looking for his age we spoke abit and then sat down next to me asking me what im doing which i was telling him then he said would i make him a cuppa so i got up and went over to the kitchen ,to my suprise that is where he just came up behind me and said ,dont move you will love what im about to do to you with this i stood very still not knowing what he was about to do when i felt his hand go up my skirt and pul my thong to one side where he then started to finger my nice shaven pussy it felt lovely at 1st it was nice and slow then he worked his fingers up so that he must have got 3fingers up giving me this wonderful fingerfucking hard and fast while he was holding on to my hips i was moaning then it was wonderful i was loving it just like he said that i would then he pulled his fingers out and licked each finger we never fucked but most of the afternoon he spend there he would slip his fingers up me and give me a good finger fuck then he asked me to take off my thong and sit with my legs apart which i found this very exciting showing off my wet juicey pussy he said next monday he would want to give me a good fucking i cant wait eva