Written by Elaine

13 Jul 2017

My names Elaine, I'm 59 blond, only 5 foot tall but 36e. I feel sexy most of the time. Last Saturday night I was in the back of a taxi with my toyboy boyfriend, he started to finger me. The cab driver adjusted his mirror which made me feel really naughty and so sexy. Just before we arrived home my boyfriend said to him, would you like to come in for a drink. Well he said Yeh ok. We got in and my boyfriend opened a bottle of wine.I put some music on and started to dance, the cabbie put his hand out and started to dance with me. My boyfriend nodded and smiled. Then he came up behind me and started to kiss my neck. I was shaking, thinking how far this is going to go. I've never been with a black man before. Anyway one thing lead to another, they both peeled my dress off leaving me in white lacy knickers and heels. I was buzzing. I got hold of my first black cock, it was a good size. My boyfriend had taken a v earlier, well they had me in every possible way for about an hour. Girls you have got to try it. It was my first but not going to be my last. xxxx