Written by Katie

1 Jun 2017

I can't believe what happened to me this morning! I've been on this site for years reading stories never thought I'd have one of my own to share.

I'm 38 married with 2 kids my husband and I have a great sex life, when we eventually get round to it that is. What with work and kids sex is mainly for weekends in our household. We've both been extremely horny this week as hubby was away at weekend and we're kind of saving it for this weekend while the kids are away at their grandparents, I woke this morning to him hungrily sucking at my tits I was so tired it took me a while to come round so I just played with his hair as he did it. Feeling myself getting wet I looked down to see his massive erection.

I pushed his head down, he knew where I wanted him to go, he was slowly licking my clit and poking his tongue in and out, I was moaning as quietly as I could it felt so good and I came easily. I wanted him to fuck me there and then but that would definitely wake the kids up. He said "sort this out babe (pointing at his dick) suck it for a bit" he sat in the bed and I knelt down in front of him wanking him I licked his balls and I put it in my mouth and sucked it, bang on que the kids were up! He stormed off in a huff to have a shower and no doubt finish himself off. I got the kids ready before my mum got here to look after them and got myself ready, looks quite warm so threw on a summer dress not particularly short just above knee and set off to get the tram into work.

As I was waiting hubby sent me a text "sorry for being moody babe you tasted gorgeous this morning can't wait for weekend" bless him, I text back "it's ok baby, I enjoyed your early alarm this morning I'll do the same for you tomorrow have a good day love you" so as I was waiting for my tram I was thinking to myself I'll definitely treat him tomorrow I'll set my alarm early and just put him straight in my mouth I've not woke him up like that for months, I love sucking him when he hasn't yet got an erection really turns me on. I was thinking about him and his cock as I got on the tram, as usual it was already rammed and I had my back right against the doors, only 11 stops to go I thought! As more people got on at the next stop I was pushed further against the opposite door, a man was stood facing me i felt slightly awkward but had no room to move and couldn't even get my phone out of my bag to pretend I was looking at it. I started to feel something pressing on me then it went, as the tram moved it was there again right in my vagina region, it was obviously this mans dick he was younger than me maybe early twenties dressed in a shirt and smelt lovely. I'm not sure if he was hard or just very big but I was quite enjoying it as the tram continued yes to rock and people squeezed on I found myself pushing myself harder into him I looked at him and he winked, I was so embarrassed but couldn't stop it I didn't want him to move I started to move my bum in circles discreetly as I could and he pushed further into me. I was so turned on but so ashamed at the same time. Suddenly he moved back slightly and his hand went down he moved closer to me and his hand was now rubbing my fanny over my dress, I was nervously checking to see if anyone was watching they were too enthralled in their phones thank god. I still wouldn't look at him, I felt his finger in my bare thigh and he slowly hitched my dress up with 2 fingers, he was know rubbing me over my knickers, there was 4 stops to go I wanted it to carry on I bit my lip hoping he'd see this as a sign to go inside. He pulled my knickers to the side now I could tell how wet I was as he slid down my clit I dont know how many fingers were inside me but it felt good. We got to a city centre stop and many people got off so he had to stop NO I thought, he got off at The one after I was gutted, I didn't come but wanted to I wanted to come on him, I regret not following him off the tram and dragging him into Starbucks toilets and letting him unload himself inside me. I'm still in shock I'm still soaking wet my hubby is in for a massive treat when I get in!