Written by John_B

20 Jan 2018

My intention was to mention Fiona’s invitation to the fireman’s ball in the last story however at that point it was only an invitation whereas at 5am on this Saturday morning we are in the ‘eye of the storm’ in a manner of speaking or at least that’s what it feels like when Fiona is away on an overnight meet with a bloke. The evening is very long and overnight my mind races with thoughts of Fiona and what she will be doing.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts Fiona met her new man Duncan at a Christmas night out and is a young fit 32 year old fireman. The only snag is Fiona knows and went to school with his older brother who knows Fiona and I are happily married, and happily married we are. I believe you could only ever do this kind of cuckholding if you are happily married. Her new fella Duncan is obviously becoming quite besotted with Fiona in a relationship sense whereas Fiona and I are approaching this for our cuckholding. Duncan is well aware Fiona is married but thinks via Fiona that sex in the marriage is non existent, which could not be further from the truth as I enjoy Fiona after her lovemaking sessions. Fiona and I have discussed this at great length and Fiona has also suggested any knowledge of their relationship should be kept from his older brother for the moment.

Following their lunchtime lovemaking session earlier this week Duncan asked Fiona if she wanted to accompany him to the ‘Fireman’s Ball’ this Friday which is in a Hilton Hotel but would involve an overnight stay and could she get away for the night. Fiona immediately accepted and advised she would tell me she was going to one of her friends overnight.

When Fiona and Duncan met before Christmas they were both wearing leather trousers and from that discovered this is probably a fetish of Duncan’s as every lunch meeting has seen Fiona wear her leather trousers and jacket which in my opinion does not show off Fiona’s sexy body in the way when she wears a skirt or dress. At least with the ‘Fireman’s Ball’ Fiona will be able to wear one of her dresses, much to my pleasure.

Fiona checked the dress code for the evening with Duncan and it was a formal affair so Fiona and I discussed whether we should go shopping for a dress or wear one she already has. This I feel is more Fiona’s type of evening and she will feel easily comfortable in one of her classy dresses. We decide to go with her black dress down purely to the formal nature of the occasion.

Duncan and Fiona agreed they would meet at the hotel as it would appear a little awkward saying Fiona was staying with a friend and then leaving the house all dressed up so to keep with the storyline they would meet at the hotel around 4pm with the evening starting at 7pm. I took the afternoon off work to be with Fiona prior to her meeting Duncan, helping her pack for the evening all heightens the sexual adventure of what we are doing. I am never allowed to cum prior to any meet as I do tend to lose interest therefore Fiona makes me stick to the rules. On occasions before when she has a meeting arranged she has perhaps stroked me or licked me for 30 seconds and has told me in advance that this is how long it will last and even sets a timer. On other occasions she has let me lick her nipples for a maximum of 1 minute allowing just enough time for me to get hard and then stops.

It was 1pm , we had just had lunch and I asked if there was any sexual pleasuring of myself today? , Fiona nodded and said be naked in the bedroom at 1.30. My mind raced for the next 30 mins thinking perhaps we were having a full lovemaking session before she leaves. At 1.30 I made sure I was naked in bed and Fiona came in from the shower in her short satin chemise, she climbed in to bed and we started to kiss, this was more than ever before as my one minute treat described earlier is usually when we are fully dressed, I was so aroused caressing Fiona and kissing then Fiona said “lick me”, “lick me now” , usually when i lick Fiona I bring her to orgasm and I then climb on and ride until I fill her with cum. I did my usual and slowly made my way down kissing her neck and nipple under her lovely satin and then appeared at her beautifully shaved area and proceeded to gently lick and kiss feeling Fiona getting very aroused and equally I was very hard. It wasn’t too long before Fiona orgasmed and I motioned up to slide my cock in and she stopped me.........mmmmmm she said that’s for Duncan, wow I thought this is her biggest tease ever as she placed her hand so that I couldn’t enter and also grabbed my hand to stop me from pleasuring myself. She then explained if you orgasm you know you’ll lose the desire for me to go which is very true.

The rest of the afternoon I helped Fiona pack and waved her off in a taxi at 3.30 to meet Duncan, now 6am and awake wondering how her night is going.