Written by ebony2ivory

26 Jul 2008

I\'ve often wondered how true some of the tales are on this site, but I can believe a lot more of them now.

My partner and I have been on SH for a couple of years, sussing out the scene more than anything, not really sure how to get the ball rolling. Out of the blue we got one of those \'like your profile – check mine out\' emails from a local lady, whom I will call Poppy. I responded, tentatively at first, but we soon hit it off and we were chatting on MSN and SH. Unfortunately, things kept getting in the way of the meet we all wanted – family/friends/work etc.

I was on MSN with Poppy for nearly three hours last night, trying to persuade her to meet us at the local hotel where my partner works. She said she wanted to meet but she was tired and she was worried about being spotted. Eventually I gave up and the conversation slowed for a while, then she noted that it was getting dark! My hopes rocketed and after a few frantic messages, I was in the car and off to pick her up.

First thing Poppy did as she got into the car was yawn! She was tired! I drove as quickly as I could to a local layby, and sure enough, with no streetlights, it was dark. She seemed shy but when we kissed, it was magical! This being my first such meeting, I tried not to rush things, which wasn\'t too difficult because I was enjoying the kissing so much.

My hand strayed over her ample breasts, 42dd, and we kissed some more. I commented that I had never been this close to breasts that size, and in a moment, Poppy, who claimed she was shy, had pulled her top up and released the right one for my pleasure, and hers.

It was amazing, holding these beautiful globes, kissing the lovely nipples, even gently chewing, and I could hear the change in Poppy\'s breathing as she started to respond. I kissed her sweet lips again, and then played with the left breast. She grabbed my right hand and pushed it between her legs. I started to rub her pussy, through her trousers, and I felt Poppy\'s arousal grow. She slid her trousers down, revealing a pair of black knickers. I caressed the inside of her legs, kissed them and breathed in that unmistakeable odour of aroused pussy!

I was about to probe further with my tongue when another car drove past us and parked about 50 yards on from us. I\'ve never seen anyone dress so fast! Poppy thought it might be the police, but the car\'s lights went off, and we waited. And waited.

Eventually, she accepted that the occupants of the car were not moving. I eased her seat into the reclined position and eased her trousers and knickers to her ankles. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby\'s bum, and tasted exquisite. I was in heaven! I tried to work a finger in but all she wanted was my tongue on her clit. I lapped her up for all I was worth, despite the growing cramp in my right leg from the awkward positioned I got into. She responded to my efforts by putting one leg up onto eh dashboard to give me better access.

Poppy was getting close, but I\'d done as much as I could. She took over with her hand and I started to suck her nipples again. Seconds later, she came, in a series of grunts and groans, and then we relaxed. As this was my first time, I was half-expecting the meet to finish, but she was a real lady. She helped me take my pants down, she took hold of my semi-erect cock and began to suck it and lick it. She knew what she was doing, and I could feel the sap rising, but she too found the position too cramped. She sat back, without letting go of my manhood, and wanked me firmly and quickly to a beautiful cum. The first squirt went over my t-shirt, the rest over her hands, and I slumped into my seat, exhausted and happy.

She cleaned us both up with some tissues and we kissed again before I took her home.

For me, my first swinging experience will be difficult to forget. As I drove home I realised I was following my partner as she came home from work. We parked side by side, and she got out in a hurry, wanting a suck by lick account of what had happened. She could smell, even taste another woman on me and it drove her wild! I had a busy night ahead of me!

This tale may not be as exciting as some, but it is completely true. Poppy commented, as we tidied up, that the next time(!) would be even better, because we\'ll be in a bed. If anyone is interested, I\'ll write that one up too!