Written by Drifter1962

3 Jun 2010

This is my first story on this site and probably my last factual one, unless I get lucky . As a 40 something guy who works from home, I spend sometime every day either reading or viewing porn. However my actual sexual experiences only amount to sex with my wife once or twice a week. Those times are great, I have no complaints, she is not a 10 minute in the dark under the covers woman, but I suppose like most men it is difficult for my thoughts not to wander to other women. Therefore often when my wife and I have sex I do imagine her as another woman, (doesn't everyone). Over the past 20+ years we have been married I have fantasised about plenty of different females, but I suppose more than anyone else it has been my wife's mother. This is down to a few factors, the first time I met her, she was about 40 and it was a hot summer's day and I was introduced to her whilst she was sunbathing in the garden. She had shorts and a bikini top on and her nipples were sticking out like a couple of strawberries. That night I had my first wank thinking about her. A couple of years later I was at her house with my wife to be and we were alone, when she got a call from a friend and had to nip out for a while. It gave me the opportunity to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes, which I will come back to, that of sniffing my future Mother in law's panties. However to take it a step further as I was alone I went to my girlfriend's parent's bedroom and had a root around in her Mum's drawers. There I found a large black vibrator plus some poleroid photos of my girlfriend's Mum, naked. My girlfriend was gone about 45 minutes in which time I had shot my load twice just looking at the photos and imagining that dildo up her cunt. As said in all the years I have known her I have spent hours playing with and wanking into my mother in law's panties. I have though always felt terribly guilty afterwards and always made sure that there were no tell tell signs of my filthy escapades. Since my in laws have retired and moved to a new bungalow my chances of actually doing that have slimmed down tremondously. That is because we usually visit them once a week and whilst in the past my mother in law kept her dirty linen basket in the large family bathroom, she now keeps it in her En-suite, which means I would have to sneak into her bedroom first. Thus my usual visit to the bathroom in the past, meant a quick rummage, a nice sniff and lick of the previous day's panties, followed by a long stream of cum into the toilet bowl, however that pleasure is no longer available to me. I have thus given up hope of getting near her knickers again and gave up hope of ever enticing her into bed as soon as I married her daughter.

However after all those years, this past weekend everything changed and it has taken me this long to get my head straight.

My wife has 2 sisters, both of him I have fantasised about too, and this last weekend one of them got married for the second time. The wedding was in Dorset where she now lives and when we were sorting things out, my in laws said that they would rent a cottage for the weekend for the four of us, if I drove us all down.

So on Friday morning my wife and I and her Mum and Dad set off.

The cottage was very nice, set on the edge of a village and just 15 minutes from the church where Caroline and her new husband were getting married.

On the Friday evening everyone was watching TV and I excused myself to go to the bathroom upstairs. However before I did I popped into the bedroom my in laws were in and quickly went through the drawers. My Mother in law's undies were in the top drawer of a bedside cabinet. She had brought a spare bra, (36C by the way) & 4 pairs of panties, 3 of them were simple plain cotton biefs and the other pair black & silky with a little frill of lace around the bottom edge. I picked them up and went to the bathroom and even though they didn't smell of her, just Persil or whatever, I rubbed them against my face and cock and used them to wank off. I of course returned them before going back downstairs. My wife made a comment about being a while, but I just rubbed my stomach as if something I had eaten was unsettling me. The next day was the wedding and everything went well, but then in the evening the strangest thing happened. I hate wedding discoes and just sit there like a sullen teenager cradling a pint and a soppy sausage roll and I was doing that when a slow number came on. A few couples got up, but my wife knows not to ask. However I was suddenly confronted by my mother in law standing in front of me holding out her hand.

"Come on and give your old Mum in law a dance," she said.

I have been to countless weddings with her in the past and this was the first time she'd ever said this. I looked across at my wife who sort of giggled and I just got up. I therefore found myself on the dance floor with my 62 year old mother in law pressed up against me. It just felt wierd, she had never hugged me before and in all the years I had known her this was the closest we had ever been. For the first time I felt her tits pressed against me and her arms around me and I couldn't help but start to think naughty things. As we gyrated around the floor, the blood rushed to my cock and within a minute of us being locked together my hard cock was pressing against her. I felt really embarrassed and tried to hold myself away from her, but as I did that, she reached down and put her hands on my arse and pulled me closer. It was all abit too surreal,and I was totally bewildered by her actions but when she pushed harder against me and mumbled "Mmm that's nice." I could only guess she was talking about the feel of my hard cock against her and it thus made me even more excited.

When the track finished she just smiled at me, patted my arse and said "I enjoyed that."

Anyway naturally we got home late and didn't go to bed until gone 2.00 am.

Now as I work from home I always get up early to get plenty of work done in the mornings so I can sometimes take it easy in the afternoons. Thus even though I went to bed at 2, I was still up by 6.30. I sat in the lounge of the cottage drinking coffee, when I heard movement on the stairs and my mother in law came into view, wearing a dressing gown.

We exchanged mornings and she went and made a cup of tea and came and sat down, not on one of the easy chairs but on the sofa next to me.

We chatted about the wedding for a few minutes and then she said,

"Did you enjoy your dance?"

I explained that I didn't like dancing normally but it had been fun.

"Yes I could tell, you certainly seemed happy," she raised her eyebrows as she said that and gave me a sly smile as well.

I knew she must have felt my hard on, but wasn't sure if she was now referring to that.

She seemed to wait for me to say something else,and when I didn't she let out a little laugh.

"I think I've embarrassed you, mentioning how excited you got dancing with me," she said.

Again I felt speechless and wondered if this was some trick of hers or even a trick of my imagination.

"Anyway I thought as you like my lingerie so much that you would actually prefer to just get closer to me instead of my knickers."

I was completely shocked. I was busted. She knew, now what was I going to do?

The next few seconds will live in my memory forever.

I was still too stunned and embarassed to say anything and so my mother in law stood up and just opened her dressing gown.

All she had on under it were the black silky knickers. Her tits sagged down onto her stomach which was lined with stretch marks, but her nipples were like that first day we met, standing out proudly. Her black panties covered her pussy but through them I could see the dark triangle of pubic hair. She glanced towards the stairs and said,

"I think they'll be a sleep for a while yet don't you?"

I knew my wife wouldn't move until 10 at the earliest and I hoped she knew that her husband wouldn't be up for a while either.

All I could do was reach for her and pull her towards me. Her groin was in level with my face and I bent forward and kissed my mother in law through her panties. I could smell her now, the whiff of Persil was gone and replaced by the sweet odour of female pussy. She let out a little moan as my tongue explored her pubes and the very beginning of her labia.

"Isn't this better than just playing with my knickers on their own?" she said.

I looked up and our eyes met.

"How long have you known?" I asked.

She smiled broadly "Oh about 25 years, I have been very flattered and if you hadn't been married to my daughter would have given myself to you years ago. I've got to the age now where I just don't care. Life is too short not to have fun and I have dreamed about this day for years. I planned this cottage hoping something might happen, but we have to be discreet darling, I don't want those two to find out and get upset, so we'll use this little time, it may be the last opportunity we ever get."

I nuzzled back into her and she pulled the front of her panties down so I could tease her pepper coloured pubic hair with my tongue. As I did so I reached up and fondled her tits. Apart from a few teenage fumblings I have only ever fondled and kissed and sucked my wife, so to feel a totally different shape and size was awesome. My mother in law was panting heavily now and decided to sit down.

"Suck them," she demanded and like a good son in law I did as I was told.

Taking each tit alternatively in my mouth and sucking and biting her. I then went down kissing her wrinkly stomach and went to work on her pussy, firstly through her panties, but when she eased the gusset to one side with her fingers, I delved into her moist cunt. I'm not sure what I expected of a woman of 62, but I didn't think she would be as wet as she was, but it wasn't long before I was actually gulping down my mother in law's cum as she writhed about on the sofa.

If my father in law or wife had decided to get up then there would have been all hell to pay, but fortunately they were good and slept through everything.

"I need to see your willy," she said and giggled like a school girl having said that strange word.

I stood back from her and dropped the shorts I was wearing. My cock was fully erect and pre-cum was ozzing from it. I took myself in my hand and slowly masturbated in front of her. She gasped a few times and then started to rub her own pussy. Watching a woman masturbate is so erotic and I love it when my wife for me, but it is a rare occurence as she has to be in a very horny mood. The fact that it seemed the most natural thing for my mother in law to do as she watched me was enough to tip me over the edge and as I watched two of her fingers dip into her own cunt, my spunk shot from me, landing in thick sticky globules on her hand, arm & stomach.

"Oh baby that is so bad," she huskily whispered, "Come here."

I stepped forward and she took my now semi erect cock in her hand and then started to lick the residue of spunk from it. I grabbed her head and pushed myself into her and in my delight she took virtually my whole cock into her mouth. As she sucked, the blood rushed back into me and I felt my hardness develop again.

She pulled away from me and dragged me on top of her. We kissed open mouthed and I could taste myself on her. She wriggled under me and she held her panties to one side again and I entered her. Lying on top of my mother in law with my cock inside her pussy was like a dream and I forgot that there were two other people in the house and fucked her as hard and for as long as I could. Eventually I let go with a second lot of spunk for her and collapsed on top of her in a heap.

We didn't lay there long, she was quickly wanting to get up and make sure there were no signs of what had happened over the previous 20 minutes. Once she was presentable again and the lounge was back to normal, she gave me a long kiss and disappeared back upstairs.

When she appeared later for breakfast it was back to business as usual, just normal mother in law, son in law chat. Later on we had Sunday lunch at a nearby pub and whilst my wife and her Dad were getting drinks ahe leaned forward and whispered,

"We must never do that again, I really enjoyed it but I feel so bad now. I can't even look my daughter in the face, so please don't ever mention it and please don't try and make me do it with you. I don't mind the panty thing but I can't do that again."

And that was that.

All I can do now is hope that she will change her mind, but if she doesn't at least I have the wonderful memory of screwing my wife's Mum.