Written by throbbingcunt

6 May 2007

Well I finally got what I wanted and it certainly was worth the wait!

My partner has always been a little reserved as to what he will do for me despite me doing ANYTHING he wants! It is only when he is really drunk can I get him to lick my cunt for me and when he is fantastic.

Well what I have wanted for a long time is his big, hard, throbbing cock in my arse. For the last few weeks I have been snuggling into him with my back to him, and a few times when his cock had got hard and the urgency to ram it into my cunt has got to him he has pushed it at my arse hole and it made me cum just pushing against it, I have activly encoraged it but he won't go that last little way.

Last Wednesday we had been sharing a bottle of wine or two, when I am tipsy I tend to get really horny and will try a little harder to get things to go my way, well I had done the snuggle move and as his hands moved round the front his fingers playing with my very wet cunt, and his cock was pushed behind me I just blurted out "you fucking wanker ram me up the arse" I couldn't believe what I had just said, I have never been so forcefull towards him before, but more than that he wispered very calmly considerng the circumstances "I will stick my cock up your arse, and fill your hole with my spunk on one condition" well I would have agreed to anything "yes" I blurted, "don't you want to know what the condition is?" he whispered, teasing me with his control "tell me and then get your cock in" I managed to gasp cumming just enough to take my breath away but not enough to be the big one.

"If you want fucking up your arse, then I want to watch you to lick out another womans cunt while she licks yours" - I couldn't believe my luck - another of my undeclared fantacies!!"YES YES" I was screaming by now, he pulled me to the edge of the bed and he got out, he put his hand in my very wet cunt and rubbed my juices all over my arse, I was squirming and so sensitive to every touch my cunt was just flowing with juice, he rubbed my juiced round my arse hole, "I had better just lubricate my cock" he joked, ramming it in my cunt- well I shot up in the air "only joking he said pulling it out of my cunt, then came the moment, he slowly rubbed his very hard, wet, cock over my arse hole, with just enough pressure to make me shudder but not enough to enter, he did this once, twice... I couldn't wait any longer "ram it in you wanker" I yelled and I expected a cock up my arse but the little bugger just slapped my arse hard and said "you horny bitch, you fucking wait!" I was just about to protest when without any hesitation he rammed it in so hard I felt his balls hit my cunt lips.... My hand went to my cunt and my hand instantly filled with cum, he pumped it in and out a few times and then I heard "bollocks, fuck me, that's good" and I felt the biggest load of hot sticky cum released up my arse, I screamed and had the biggest orgasm I have ever had.

We both collapsed on the bed exausted, when we woke I said thank you and I couldn't believe it he fucked me up the arse again!! When we had finished this time he wispered in my ear "you had better find a woman to lick out your cunt because you are getting no more sex until you do!!"

Well it is 5 days later I had found her and it is happening tonight can't wait.....