Written by andyk

10 Feb 2010

Its just a year since my one and only evening with a married couple so I thought now I'd put it into writing. Like any other guy I'd often fantasized about it and although I'd enjoyed a couple of MFF in my youth I'd never followed this up.

I'd been out for a bite to eat one saturday night (and a few beers) with about 5 other single guys and 2 married couples. We all ended up back at D and S's house playing on the X-Box and getting more drunk. By 2 in the morning there was only the hosts and 2 of us single guys left, the other guy phoned a cab because his girlfriend had been leaving him texts and messages enquiring when he was coming home but I accepted the invitation to crash on the sofa bed and thought that was the end of it. About 7 the following morning I quietly went upstairs to use the bathroom and was quite aroused by what I found, the main bedroom door was left ajar and there was the obvious sounds of a couple having fun coming from the room. Once I'd exited the bathroom I sneaked a look into the room to see D sat up on the bed and S knelt over him giving him a very noisy blow job, I had a great view of her tits hanging down and her taking his cock deep in her mouth.

I was instantly hard and after a few seconds moved back out of view and slipped my cock out of my shorts - I desperately needed a wank after that sight.After a few strokes I decided that it would be much more fun if I could actually see them as I wanked and if I stayed quiet no-one would ever know so hard-on in hand I slipped back aroud the door to get a good look - straight into view of S who was now on all fours on the bed with D taking her from behind - I froze - she was looking straight at me.

D looked up too and they both smiled - I smiled shyly back and began to apologise but before I could S was off the bed and lead me into the bedroom, D sat back rubbing his swollen cock and laughing to himself, we'd love you to join in mate, he said but if you just want to watch for now its fine with us, yes we love an audience added S, with that she took D's cock in her hand and dropped onto it with her mouth again.

I was stood not 3 foot from a couple I've known a good few years, all stark naked and watching intently as she sucked and rubbed his cock. After 5 minutes or so she changed her position and sat down on D's cock whilst rubbing her clit with one hand and using her other for balance, she was rocking back and forward and with his moaning from underneath I was absolutely rock solid and wanking like mad. Do you want me to help ya there love asked S, I'd love to taste you now, I love two cocks at once she smiled, I hesitantly stepped forward and she reached out and guided my cock up to her face, she licked my tip with her tongue and pulled me closer. i was transfixed as she took my entire cock into her mouth and tickled it with her tongue whilst still rocking back and forth on D's cock. This lasted about five mins before D rolled her off and, laying her on her back and spreading her legs wide he pushed his cock into her soaking pussy, by now I was very near to cumming and as it turned out so was D, he told me to go around the side of the bed and get my cock back in her mouth. As she lay there looking every inch the slut been fucked by her husband and sucking on my cock I couldn't believe how prim and proper I always thought she was, smartly dressed, quietly spoken, junior school teacher - what a surprise.

Then D began to groan, I looked down at him just as he pulled his cock out of her and fired the biggest load of spunk I've seen in ages onto her belly and tits, that was all I could take, I too pulled my cock out from her mouth and fired two great loads onto her face - she hungrily rubbed her hands across her face and licked the spunk from her fingers, then she pulled my cock into her mouth again and licked every last drop from it.

D collapsed onto the bed with S and, unsure exactly what to do I perched on the edge, I felt a warm arm around my waste and S looked up to me and said don't think your done yet man I'm only taking five minutes then its your turn to get inside me, yes added D, you gotta let me get sucked now watching you pound her pussy.

I stayed about 2 hours longer, I fucked S from behind and missionary and besides cumming in her mouth D took afew pics of me eating her pussy and fucking her tits. They didn't let me take any of the pics with me and I've never been invited back but I do know that other friends of D's have had the same kind of experiences and if I knew how to ask without sounding desperate I'd love another go but maybe it would be easier just to try find another couple - there must be a few out there local to me in Dewsbury/Batley.