Written by GW

8 Oct 2008

wanted to explore my bi-side , met a guy from here , he agreed to open his door with just a robe on,he opened door and pointed upstairs,I was nervous and i have touched another mans cock,walking up the stairs seemed like never ending,arriving at the top he pointed to the bedroom door,in i went, all there was in the room a double bed and a small table with condoms and ky gel, i sat nervously on the edge of the bed, he walked to me not speaking, i reached out to his robe,loosened it and the robe fell open exposing his cock,it was about 2-3 inches long soft and very hairy,i reached out and touched it, held it in my hand, wow i thought to myself i,m actually holding anothermans cock, i slowly put it into my mouth and sucked him., his cock grew in my mouth, I was enjoying it,i cud also feel my cock growing , i kept sucking and licking and then without any warning he shot about 5 - 6 spurts of cum into mouth, i felt it going down my throat,he started to pump my mouth with his cock ,eventually he took it out,he spoke for the first time and said now its your turn,he removed my trousers and boxers my cock was rock hard about 7-8 inches, he was taken aback with it, he started to wank me and eventually sucking me, i was nearly cumming and asked him to stop,he knew why, he reached for a condom and slipped in on my cock , gave e the ky gel and a small butt plug, i smeared the butt plug with lube and pushed it into his ass , it went in very easy , i removd the butt plug and pushed my cock into the opening,wow i,m actually inside another man , it felt weird but nice, i started pushing in and ut slowly, going faster and faster , i could feel my self ready to cum, i withdrew took condom off,he dropped to his knees and took my hard pulsin cock into his mouth , i shot my load down his throat, it felt as if I wud bever stop cumming , he sucked me dry , we both got up , cleaned ourselfs I got dressed and left , he thaked me and i said no thanx needed as i really enjoyed myself , now i,m looking for my 2nd bi meet with someone, really ope it happens soon