Written by askmemore

25 Dec 2014

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the Contributions you make to the website. I have had a fantastic couple of days looking through the site and looking at everyone’s pictures.

However to the matter at hand. I have read a number of stories on the site and have always considered my self "straight" but the bi stories really where interesting and did make my cock hard. It also made me think about my early twenties where looking back can only be described as my one and only bi-sexual encounter.

It happened when I was in my early twenties and was going to the gym three times a week and had a body something like a young bruce lee. I could see and feel all six abdominal muscles( I’ve never been fitter than I was then). Tom was more your typical gym goer all arms shoulders.

For one of his birthdays my friend Tom got a multi-gym that had weights attached to cables and aloud for the use of free weights. His parents had agreed for it to go in the small spare room which saved money on gym fees. The only issue was it was a small room and the major issue was that in-order to ”spot" the guy lifting you had to literally stand over the guy on the bench. The walls were covered in pictures of half naked men lifting weights etc and the shelves filled with the latest supplements.

So I turned up on a Saturday night ready to train in t-shirt, lycra shorts with running shorts over the top, I had biked it to Toms and was a little sweaty but suitably warmed up. Tom was dressed in just a pair of lycra shorts and weight lifting vest. We started to train. Tom took the first set and I stood over him ready to take the weights if required. Tom finished the set and I took the weight at this point tom ask if I would take off the running shorts as they were dirty or i could put a towel down when I did my sets. Thought nothing of it and took the shorts off. I lied down on the bench ready to take the weight and noticed for the first time Toms cock probably six inches away from face. I started to pump out the reps and could feel the sweat starting pour out of my body. I completed the set, put the bar on the rest and went to sit up only to forget that Tom was stood over me. Tom caught me before I made contact with his cock but as he caught my head my hand ended up on Toms arse in order to stop myself from falling backward. So there we were him with my head in his hands next to his cock and me looking up at him. We Smiled at each other and moved on. Tom lied on the bench and I looked at his cock through the lycra and noticed that it was a little bigger than when we started. We went on to complete the train with a view more near misses and joke such as "if your going to touch it at lest take it out my pants" and " If you don't it when you are sitting up your going to get a mouthful of cock.

We helped each other stretch and again a lot of "higher" and "go on just little higher". Tom went to the shower and I got a drink from the kitchen. When I got came back to the bathroom I noticed the door was ajar and saw Toms naked body for the first time dispite being friends for nearly 5 years. Had he left the door ajar for a reason? I stood transfixed watching him wash and found myself touching my own cock. It was only then that I noticed that he was playing with his cock and playing with his balls. I knocked on the door and asked if I could refill my glass and he said no problem. I refilled and left waiting for him to finish. He came out and with the towel wrapped round him and I went in he asked me to leave the door open because of the steam from the shower. I stripped the lycra shorts off and stepped in the shower. I started to wash my self down and started to wash my hair as I tipped my head back to rinse the shampoo out of my hair I noticed Toms reflection in the mirror, he was stood in the door way he had a camera in one hand and the other on his cock. I said nothing but decided to put on a show, I started by rubbing my hands over my body and playing with my cock while facing towards the mirror as my cock got harder i turned around and washed my arse making sure to spread my cheeks and ran a finger down my arse. I stopped as quick as i started and started to get out of the shower and notice tom walk back to his bedroom quickly. I walked to his bedroom still semi hard with pre-cum leaking out of my uncut cock. with the towel hanging loosely while drying my hair, my cock in full view. I walked into the bedroom and could see him looking at my cock. I noticed the camera on the side but couldn't tell if it was still recording. It was at this point I said did you like the show? He looked embarrassed but nodded. I asked what he planned to do with it. Have a wank to it he said. Jokingly I asked if he wanted to suck my cock for his wank bank he nodded eagerly (what had I got my self into?) So I stepped forward cock in hand pulling my foreskin back to expose my head thinking he would back out. Tom adjusted himself and took my cock in his hand and then wrapped his mouth round it. The sensation that shot through my body was amazing I composed myself grabbed the camera and started to record as he slid up and down my now rock hard cock, He stood up licked my nipples while stroking/wanking my cock. I reached out and started to wank his now hard cock. he turned around still wanking my cock and started to rub his arse up and down the length of my shaft. I reached round and continued to wank his cock. Tom then asked if I would cum over his arse and film it. Thought i had gone this far. So there he was lay on his front with his arse in the air and spreading his cheeks, I grabbed the camera and started to wanking thinking about him sucking my cock It didn't take long and I came all over his arse and back. Tom went for a shower and we got changed and went round town. I don't think it was every mentioned again certainly it never happened again.

Hope you enjoyed it. and it wasn't to long.