Written by Mt1832

9 Jan 2009

As there seem to be many men out there who are Bi-Curious I though I'd post my experience here.

I was never really interested in males and had never had any same sex experience but as I got older I started to wonder what it would be like to suck a cock. As a good looking guy who got married late I'd had dozens of girlfriends, most of whom had either sucked me off as an alternative to full sex or had sucked me in foreplay. I too had always enjoyed licking my girlfriends and brought many to very satisfying orgasms - nothing much is nicer than a girl thrusting towards your tongue and mouth as she approaches a climax. As I got more interested in trying cock sucking I started looking on line for a male partner to try this with and narrowed my choice down to other Bi-Curious married men as I felt more comfortable knowing I'd be sucking a cock that usually entered a woman rather than a man - no offence to men who like anal but it's just not for me. Eventually I started chatting on line with Ray and after explaining the scenario I wanted (we meet, I suck his cock but probably not to ejaculation, he sucks me if he wants to then leaves)we arranged to meet. I have my own business and Ray came there after closing time and it played out just as I'd intended. Ray had quite a small cock in comparison to mine and it was just so good to feel it in my mouth after waiting and wondering for so long. I didn't suck him to ejaculation but finished him off with my hand - Ray then did the same to me whilst being very complementary about the size and shape of my cock (very flattering!) and then left. We did meet again but more about that later if anyone likes this true story so far.