17 May 2016

Cant believe it has taken 8 years for me to pluck up the courage for what I did this morning. Am 60 divorced and been bi curious for 8 years till this morning. I AM NOW DEFINITELY BI. Met Chris a 46 year old portugese gay man as previously arranged this morning in a local town and I felt comfortable as soon as I met him. We walked the 200 yds to his flat with my cock getting harder and more prominent as we walked and he looked and commented on it. I had told him I definitely wasn't gay but bi curious to which he smiled as we went up to his flat and took off our coats and he invited me to sit on the settee next to him. He could see the bulge in my pants and put his hand straight on it and ran hid fingernail along it through the thin cotton trousers I had deliberately worn. I WAS HOOKED. I put my hand in his lap a felt a large bulge and my cock twitched. My mouth was that dry I asked for a coffee which he made and I was squeezing and stroking my cock while watching him watching me. He gave me my coffee and then just took his trousers and underpants off right by me and I saw his lovely cock about 5" and semi hard about two feet from my face and without thinking just took it in my hand and pulled him towards me and spent the next 5 minutes sucking that gorgeous cock which never got rock hard like mine but longer and hard enough to start throat fucking me which I enjoyed till running out of breath. He pulled out of me and took off his t shirt and it felt so natural to just stand up and strip off. Straight away he started wanking me while kissing me all over, god it was good. He had such a smooth hard body. I went to my knees to suck him while at my request he filmed it with my phone. He had a large heavy ball sack I played with and sucked, I was squeezing his buttocks really hard as he started fucking my throat hard so I dug my fingers in and pinched him, I wanted it in my mouth but I could feel him getting close and he stopped and pulled out and sat me down again and promptly started to suck me while squeezing my balls and his fingers got close to my ring. I think he knew it would tip me over the edge so he stopped and then stood up on the settee and pushed his cock deep into my mouth again. I cannot believe how good it felt in my throat and cannot understand women who don't like cocksucking. He was wanking my cock all the time and he then pulled out of my mouth as I was choking and started to crouch down over my cock which was in his right hand and I thought god he's going to sit on my cock and I didn't know what to do but before I realised I could feel my cock pressing against his ring and it just slid in. It was blissful and I naturally grabbed his buttocks and started to fuck his arse like the ex wifes while he wanked his cock. Sadly I came all too soon and he wanked for about another minute before coming into his hand and over my stomach. What a gentleman as he wiped me down and showed me where the bathroom was. Shame he had to get ready for work as I could happily have stayed all day with his cock. I am definitely up for more now though