Written by randy romantic

9 Jul 2009

hi again when I was younger I worked for a famous steak restaurant chain as a trainee manager,on the Wirral.

I worked mornings on the bar two evenings a week as restaurant manager and a couple of evenings as grill chef.

it was quite a busy business with some attractive femail staff .

downstairs the were two bars seperated by a narrow coridor with two doors through one was the beer cellar and thye other was the spirit locker.

one afternoon there was myself and three other staff working on the two bars if I remember rightly the bar I was attending ran out of rum so I went to the spirit locker to find some as I opened to door to return to the bar one of the barmaids pushed me by my shoulders back into the liocker and kicked the door shut behind her,

her name was Ann (name changed) she was drop dead georgeous about five eight a lovely figure with big breasts a nice smile ,frizzy hair, a natural African .I put the bottle down for safety she put her arms around my neck and pulled us together pushing hir tits into my chest and giving me a kiss then she said come round to my house this afternoon I fancy you.

then she left me to go back to the bar I had to adjust my clothing and picked up the rum locked the door and went back to work.in those days pubs closed at three so by quarter past I was on my way to Anns house.

I rang the bell and she came to the door wearing a pink housecoat she said would I like a drink I said yes please so she made me tea ,she was standing in her kitchen ironing clothes while her little girl was playing ball or something in the back garden I was sat at the kitchen table.

then one of Anns friends came in the back door and said she would takle the little girl away for the afternoon. so at last we were alone I excused myself and went to the bathroom when I came out ahead was the main bedroom and Ann was reclinning on the bed she said do you want me I said I think I do.

she rolled onto her back the housecoat fell open revealling her lovely naked body

part two soon.