Written by bi bye Blues

27 Apr 2007

We'd met two or three times before and enjoyed wanking and sucking each other.

Our last session had been what seemed like months ago so when she arrived today we wasted no time. Straight down to groping and fondling through clothes then stripping me naked for a blow job, my cock stiff and thick, just her mouth round it to slurp and swallow the whole shaft then off to bed.

She'd not been fucked for a year so I used lots of jelly and a small plug to open her up: it went straight up, no problem. The second plug was longer and thicker, making her wince and moan but she took it slowly up to the hilt. I spanked her cheeks and thighs to a glowing red before I took the plug out and tried my cock in its place as she lay face down. I had to have two attempts, but up it went to the balls and I just had to pump it as deep as I could to savour her tightness. She groaned and sighed and rubbed her stockinged thighs against me. I thrust more deliberately and she moaned in to the pillow, gripping the bed head tightly. I stopped when she asked me too, but not for long because I was enjoying my CD slut and told her so.

I'll use her for longer next time, and we're both looking forward to her being restrained while I ravish her mouth and pussy. And next time I hope my slut girlfriend will watch us before I use her too. After all, she enjoyed being fucked by me while I told her about what I'd been doing in our bed this morning.