Written by sexygreeneyes

15 Oct 2007

I was out with some of my friends on saturday night, and came home drunk and horny about 1am.

My boyfriend and I have often talked about dogging/swinging etc, but have never had the nerve to do anything about it- until now!

As soon as I got in the house he told me to get upstairs and put my slutty clothes on. I came back down a few minutes later in black boots (very high), black fishnet stockings, black suspender belt and a black net\\\\see through top (no bra) and a tiny mini skirt - no panties.

He made me slowly turn around for him and then bend over to expose my pussy and ass. He immediately pushed a finger into my wet pussy and started finger fucking me. \\\"We are going out for a drive\\\" he said \\\"and you are going to do everything I tell you from now on\\\".

Well, I love to be a bit submissive, and have fantasied about dogging for years. So, I practically ran out to the car!

As soon as we drove away, he told me to get my legs up on the dashboard and he continued to finger fuck me roughly, I was soaking wet, and my nipples were rock hard, he pushed my top up totally exposing my tits to anyone driving past us in the town (I soooo wished it was light enough for loads of people to be able to see me acting like a slut).

After a couple of miles we came upon a layby set back off the road, surrounded by trees, and he pulled in and turned the car off - which made the interior light come on for about 30 seconds. There didnt seem to be anyone about, but there were a couple of lorries and about three cars there.

\\\"Get on your hands and knees and suck my cock\\\" he said, so I did exactly as told, he pushed his trousers down. grabbed my hair and started pushing my head up and down on his cock and thrusting into me really roughly. I was loving it!

Still holding my hair with his right hand, he reached over and pulled my skirt up around my waist and began fingering me again, I was absolutely soaking wet by now, then he said \\\"there is some one at the window, staring at your pussy and ass\\\" He took his hand off my head and pushed the window button,I felt the cold air on my exposed bottom.

He took his finger out of me and began to squeeze and pinch my tits and nipples, then, I felt someone sliding fingers into my pussy. A strange man, that I hadnt even seen was fingering me! I have never felt so horny in my life, what a slut!

This went on for a few more minutes, then my boyfriend said \\\"turn around, Im going to fuck you\\\" I lifted my head off his cock, the stranger pulled his fingers out of me, and I did as I was told. The first thing I saw was a lovely fat cock in front of me. I didnt even look up at the man, just closed my eyes and waited, my boyfriend shoved his cock straight up me, grabbed my hair again and said \\\"open your mouth you filthy slut\\\" then pushed me onto the strangers cock.

I had my mouth and pussy filled with cock, they were both thrusting into me, and my man kept calling me a filthy slut and whore, I felt like one! And I was loving it.

The man outside starting groaning, he was pulling at my tits, then he started to pump cum into my mouth, he pulled out and shot the last bit over my face. I was out of it by now, on the verge on cumming myself, when my boyfriend pulled out of me and said \\\"get out of the car and lean over the bonnet\\\"

On very wobbly legs I stepped out of the car and realised that there were three men stood watching what was going on, two were wanking, one was putting his cock away (guess that was the one I had just sucked off then!)

I walked to the front of the car with my tits still out and leant over the bonnet, my man flipped my skirt up over my back again and rammed his cock back into me. One of the men said \\\"does she like it up the ass mate?\\\" He didnt even answer him, just pulled out and slowly nudged his cock into my ass bit by bit. I am not a great lover of anal sex, as I find it quite uncomfortable, so I was squeeling a bit, but as soon as he was all the way in, he pulled back and then rammed it in and out of my ass hard and fast.

He was like a man possessed, calling me names and fucking me like an animal, then he grabbed my hips, rammed himself as far into me as he could and emptied himself into me. all the time being egged on by the watchers.

I was totally out of it by now, totally caught up in an almost continuous orgasm, so much so, that I barely noticed when he pulled out and was replaced by another man. His cock was pushing into my ass, I looked behind me, and saw this huge bear of a man, he looked massive and his big belly was resting on my ass. He just looked at me and then proceeded to ram himself in and out of me really hard for just about 30 seconds before he too emptied his balls into me, he just gave my ass a slap and stepped away, to be replaced by the third man watching us.

He also wanted my ass, he pushed into me, groaning and saying \\\"oh yes, oh yes\\\" over and over. I felt him push some fingers into my pussy and he fucked both my holes with his cock and fingers for a few minutes before pulling out and cumming all over my ass and skirt.

My boyfriend helped me up and amid lots of \\\"thanks love, that was great\\\" I got back into the car, and just waved as we drove away.

As soon as we got in the front door my boyfriend pushed me forward onto the stairs and fucked my pussy for a couple of minutes before yet again empyting himself into me.

We cleaned ourselves up and went to bed, both laughing and a bit stunned about what had happened, but massively turned on from it. Throughout the night I kept waking up with him fucking me, I have never known him so horny!

Although I was sore the next day, I absolutely loved it and we will be doing it again soon, so look out for us........ x