30 Apr 2019

Having recently made the decision to give notice and possibly retire I also took up residency in a village in the West Country. The village has a pub and a couple of shops and a local bus service to the towns. I had made friends previously with the guys in the pub and the usual banter among the guys lead to what am I going to do to fill my days. As I had run a construction company previously I jokingly suggested I could do odd jobs that the tradespeople did not want to complete. One of the guys who drinks in the local pub was the trades person for the village but said he could pass on my details as he was overloaded with work. Sometime later having a drink with the guys I was informed that my number had been passed to a couple of people in the village. During the week a lady called up and asked if I would carry out some work in the house. Having agreed an hourly rate and a start date I called round on the Thursday morning to a very nice cottage and what looked like a well-educated lady possibly in her 60’s dressed accordingly. Started work and the usual chat and coffee supplied carried on with my jobs. I asked if it was ago to check the lights in all the rooms as requested and when entering the master bedroom was surprised by the outfit on the bed it would have looked good on a much younger woman. She joined me in the bedroom and asked if I approved as she was meeting her fellow ladies for lunch. Why do women ask that question as you want to say you look good in it but even better if it was on the bedroom floor? I made the classic remark that any man would be impressed. I went downstairs and finished off the last of the jobs. Shortly joined by the lady who stated that I would have to call back later for payment. The car shot away from the drive leaving me with all sorts of ideas what payment could be.

Early evening I receive a call would I like to call round for payment like a little school boy on heat I start the walk and with each step thinking calm down it’s your imagination working overtime. Door opens and the lady is still dressed from her lunch meet looking very alluring. I am invited in and receive an apology for her earlier dismissal of me and would I like to join her for a glass of wine. Why is it women ask a question and whilst your responding ask a another. It seemed in some 20 minutes we had gone from strangers to old friends. She asked me to pour 2 more glasses of wine whilst she disappeared upstairs for a moment. She appeared in a summer dress and smelt of perfume which was very nice asking me if I approved. Now the school boy thoughts were banging in my head and without hesitation blurted out its making me horny. Well it went quite (pin drop scenario) but she smiled and said well it’s a long time since I have heard that one followed with what would you follow up with. I grinned and said is this where I get closer to try and seduce you. We both stood up and my hands went around her hips and bum and kissed. Thank goodness the old chap was awake and getting bigger. Clearly no knickers or bra under her dress it was now or never as I unzipped her dress she stepped out of it and my lips went on her breasts and my fingers touching her trimmed pussy. Laying her on the sofa my tongue worked its way on to her clit and then finally opening her wet pussy I was rewarded with a flow of sweet juice and her hand pulling at my hair to get my head in deeper. I came up for air and quickly stripped off and she took my cock in her hand we changed places and started to suck on my cock slowly then more quickly and expertly leaving me on the verge of shooting my load. She just said “fuck me” and placing her over the end of the sofa I was only too happy to plunge my cock in to her moist warm hole. We banged until we were sweating and panting not bad considering we are not in the first flush of youth. We both climaxed together and lay for a few moments cum dripping from both of us. She threw her dress back on and refilled our wine glasses. I thought welcome to the village and how lucky my first encounter had been. I have met with others but alas no more than tea or coffee.