12 Jan 2018

Hi again. Thanks for joining me again....

So not really a continuation of the original butyet another step on the way.

Those that read 'the biggest tits'! part of this story will know I hinted at further ffm meets? And I hope that those that enquired enjoyed the pictures I directed you to?

Guys, for those of you who dream of ffm let me rell you my thoughts. 1st, It's got to be girl led.

Your partner must have leanings in that direction?

2nde them time together. DON'T RUSH. Give them plenty of space to get to know each other?

Don't try to put your interests first! If you're lucky they may allow you to get involved?

Anyway. Tutorial over..

On with the story?

As usual it was me that spotted'Jen'! I gave Sarah her details and left them to it ... They sussed each other out and eventually began to watsapp each other on a regular basis.. Although I had Jens number I left them to sort each other out, just encouraging Sarah occasionally! They decided we were to meet on the way to a local club on a specialised Bbw day. Both being towards the 'cuddly'side but by no means really big girls they decided this is where they would both feel more comfortable.. I of course was just delighted to join in! Both been some 20+ years younger than me and attractive intellegent girls. The plan was for Sarah and I to meet up and then collect Jen on the way to the club. Anyway .texts and calls were exchanged and Sarah picked me up at the appointed place. mid afternoon and we proceeded to Jens. Between them they had acooked up a plan to be handcuffed together for the visit an blead about by their'Master'!

We eventually got to Jens and were grreeted at the door by an extremely pretty girl wrapped in a towling robe who apologised for running late and only just got out of the shower. The house was in turmoil as she was due to go on holiday next day and move house as soon as she returned!

Jen disappeared into the kitchen to make drinks and indicated for us to go and make ourselves comfortable on her capacious L shaped sofa in the lounge.. When she came in with the drinks she had failed to produce my requested cofcee. Not being able to find it due to packing it away for the forthcoming move. I playfully chastised her and said she must suffer for her failure, looking across at Sarah to make sure she was ok with everything I ordered Jen to go and bend over at the foot of her stairs ready to be spanked! She duly did this. Obviously exposing her bare curvy rear for my ministrations.

If you've read my previous stories you'll note I claim to have hard hands so Sarah knew what poor Jen was about to experience! I duly gave Jen 3 hard slaps on each cheek and then proceeded to comfort her by stroking and letting the girls embrace with Sarah comforting Jen with stroking and gentle kisses..To my mind I'd established my position so when the girls were sat snuggly together on the enormous sofa again I excused myself saying I needed the loo and left them to get to know each othersome more. Returning shortly I discovered the girls cosily kissing and exploring each others naked bodies.... Having got the nod from Sarah I got her to present her rear to me for fucking whilstdisengaging her from disengaging from Jen as she seemed to be doing such a good job arousing herI inserted my stiff cock into Sarahs (always wet) and available cunt and whilst enjoying the view,of the two bodies slowly startingo fu ck her....She was obviously enjoying herself as she was soaking! I kept slowly fucking until she came with her usual enthusiasm! You can see why I thought so much of her! She was extraordinary!!!! And we haven't even got going yet?

The girls carried on playing for a while until I was eventually invited to mount Jen which I enthusiastically did. Slidindginto her wet but tight cunt and enjoying the view of our new'friend'!I did of course need to pace myself as this was merely the start of our day. When Jen had cum profusly and the girls had had some more'me' time we decided we should really head for the club or it wouldn't be worth us going. ( we still had a fair bit of travelling to do yet... So all having composed ourselves we set off in a bright afternoon with much giggling thinking'what would the neighbours think if they knew where we were about to go? As we drove down the very respectable street on a glorious spring afternoon...

Having found the club, Me recognising it as I'd been before It was both girls first time!!! We couldn't actually get anywhere near the car park as it and all around it was packed!!I was in the front with Sarah driving and Jen was in the back seat btw.. I offered to nip to the club to make sure there was still room as it looked soo busy while Sarah parked up. Having run around and checked on reception there was plenty of room for another three I nipped back to the car and assured the girls everything was fine we all did our'sorting out'. Gathering clothes,toys etc. We finally got into reception and were warmly welcomed by the staff with the girls greeting me like an old freind?? I'd not been for at least 5 years but I think the sight of me with these two very much younger and attractive girls must have impressed? We all proceeded to the xhanging room where the girls enthusiastically stripped to their underwear and looking around. realised they'd hancuffed themselves together as promised!!! They looked gorgeous! We then went off to explore. As I said I'd been a couple of times before and knew it to be a maze of a place so led the way with Sarah holding my hand demurly. Her other connected to Jen of course! The place was packed! As it normally was for these functions! Lots of strapping young guys, with a lot being black. As they seem to love a girl with curves! To my surprise they were very much in awe of me as I had these two very desirable girls in tow! Did wonders for my ego I can tell you!!!Well on our first circuit we failed to find the dungeon area which Sarah had expressed an interest in seeing so retired to the bar area to discuss plans.. Although we were approached by a few guys the girls weren't at all interested and dismissed them as being annoying.(I think they just wanted to get to grips with each other)! We eventually decided to find a private room to play in ..( most clubs have the option of several 'open' or private rooms where you can lock the door and play in private)

Having eventually found a suitable one , touring much of the club and getting lots of compliments and comments of course!t took a while as it was so busy.... The three of us retired in and I secured the door allowing the girls to play with one another again... sucking,licking each other etc.. As is often the case occasionally we'd hear the door being tried but we left the door locked and I left the girls in peace to enjoy each other .They had both managed to make each other cum several times now. Evidenced by the wetness showing on the bed!! Eventually they managed to end up with Sarah on her back with her legs spread and looking very inviting and both locked in a pasionate kiss.. Jen standing and bending over.. Not being able to resist any longer I climbed on top of Sarah savouring how prepared Jen had got her! As we started to fuck Jen indicated 'could she unlock the door'? I nodded yes and within a few moments it opened and a good looking young guys head popped round the door to be confronted by Jens ample delicios arss stuck in the air and a skinny old white guy settled between the gorgeous Sarahs thighs. ..Jen reluctantly broke her kiss with Sarah and turning her head to where the guy was presenting a very large and very stiff cock for her attention.. The naughty girl immediately took an impressive amount down her throat. Greedily devouring it.. He was moaning softly how good it felt and gently holding her head slowly fucked her willing mouth looking occasionally at Sarah and I who were still gentlyfucking. He then politely asked if Jen wanted to be fucked? "As long ss you've got protection"came her eager reply.. ??fortunately he had, and after a little juggling covered his impressive cock and started slowly feeding it into Jen doggy style putting her back over Sarah so they could continue kissing and touching each other..

I can't really express what an erotic sight and feel it was. The two girls kissing and touching each other.Sarah watching her freind taking this lovely bbc and me gently still fucking her! The guy seemed very impressed by how Jen felt and with lots of complimentary remarks began fucking her harder, clearly on the verge of cumming! Sarah was also cumming copiously eagerly watching her freind being pleasured and I coukd feel her squelching loudly and soaking me as I continued gently enjoying her. As I always did! Finally the guy was getting more urgent and he announced he was ready to cum! As he obviouly did so did both girls did. Noisily! ??

He thanked Jen and us politely and left leaving us all in a sweaty heap.. Jen relocked the door and we composed ourselves to return to the bar to have much needed drink and chat about events...When we got to the bar we actually noticed the time and both girls realised we would have to leave soon as their respective children would be returning home!! With some reluctance we returned to the changing room and dressed ready to go.

Can I say that if any of you are thinking of going to a club. Go ahead! I thought they would be intimidating but you'll never find a more freindly and respectful place.. i can't speak personally for many but comparing notes with others I'm told they are usually the same?? If anyone would care to chat I do again have some pictures I can direct you to. Or of course if any ladies would like to beaccompanied to a club I'm open to offers or will let you know answers to any sensible questions! Also any other queries. Get in touch. Constuctive critisism is welcome.. These events occured about 18 months ago and as I have said Sarah and I no longer meet initially because I was taken suddenly very ill and she has now retired from swinging having found a very nice, more suitable 'straight long term boyfreind. I miss her lots but am not now physically capable of meeting up with her due tothe aformentioned illness( more details on request)

I'm still in good working order below the belt but have trouble with my left leg and arm...