Written by phil

29 Oct 2008


well sue and I had chatted for ages about our sex fantasies. what we would and wouldnt like and used to talk about such things when making love. this went on for a long time and got to the point after many discussions of what about this and that and if our trust and relationship was strong enough to risk it.. I was at a point where all I wanted to do was talk about it it really turned me on. sue said one of her fantasies was to have sex with a stranger! I said well if thats what she wanted I would feel more secure if I was there too she addeed that it was the idea of strange hands touching feeling her that was exciting, mine was a more voyeuristic thing so we both agreed to arrange something

I had known a very nice woman from sometime back that had tried a simular thing with her husband so asked her advice in finding someone we could trust and who was clean sexually and otherwise she gave me a number and I found it quite easy to chat with someone I didnt know straight off !! I told him what we were planning and he readily agreed to meet.

The day before we agreed to meet sue spent most of the day in a heightened state and was very wet just thinking about what would happen her vibrator worked overtime whilst I was at work lol... the evening came when we were to meet we booked into an Hotel and waited for his call she was a little scared but very horny too, I shook his hand introduced sue and he leaned over and kissed her neck. she flushed a little and smiled a lot, we headed for our room and after pouring some wine and making small talk said \"well we know what were here for so lets get on with it\".

sue sat on the bed next to him putting her hand on his thigh they kissed tongues thrusting in and out and slowly laid down. his hand went straight to her ample but pert breast then gradually worked its way under her bra she kissed him hard as he played with her nipple which was now very erect he sucked heavily on it and put his hand in her panties at the same time, she was loving it he eased her top off and spent ages on her tits sucking and moulding them eventually he pulled off her panties and inserted his fingers making lovely sounds showing me how wet she had become her hand went to his cock and they writhed around on the bed he took off her clothes as she lay waiting she grabbed his cock which soon became very hard as she rubbed it back and forth.

she climbed on top of him and rubbed along his cock not allowing it to sit up and enter her, her pussy soaked his eager cock, he got up after some time and put on a condom as discussed, she opened her legs which were shaking a little I was hoping for a big crescendo as he entered her another man was about to fuck my partner after all and was surprised at how quiick and easy he entered her stroking inside her before i knew what was happening? I thought was it such a big deal after all? I think it was easier me being there than the deceite that can occur in other situations!! he pumped in and out of her in a controlled sexual way for ages which she always loves then he got off and moved her to the middle of the bed kissing her as he again entered her with his sizeable cock he held one of her legs up and entered her thrusting violently making quite a smacking noise as he did so she took it all although her pussy is quite firm she did not complain as he got faster and rougher with her. her tits were flailing all over the place as he headed for a climax she was breathing heavily as he exploded inside her thusting ever harder as he did so he kept pumping inside untill he subsided and pulled out of her her pussy lips slowly closing as he did she lay there as he pulled off his condom and i saw the spunk hit the floor, it felt strange watching a man come but she was very turned on as was I he lay with her for sometime and played with her tits and pussy then started to lick her and suck her for what was ages he then rested and said how sexy she was and how he would ilke to meet again if we were up for it? that we will see, I know she didnt come with him almost but not quite first time nerves mauybe but she was very turned on needless to say we had sex twice that evening and shared all the nights moments together.. For us it worked and now 3 months later we are thinking of repeating it again mmmm sex is meant to be enjoyed and we did