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First experience of swinging at 18 years old

"Babysitting lead to being introduced to cuckholding"

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Author's Notes

"I had no idea some wives could enjoy other men in front of their husband."

This is a true account (as far as my memory will allow!) of my first experience of any swinging, back in the 1970’s. Quite a long account so bear with me. I have changed the names nauturally.

I was 18 years old and was relatively inexperienced ( lost my virginity 6 moths previously ), and was going out with a lovely girl called Jilly, also 18. She too had one previous lover to her name, so we were discovering the joys of sex together. Our big problem was our parents, both of whom were watching us like hawks. She was only allowed to go to a party if the parents of the hosts were there, so that was a non-starter. No chance of anything at either of our houses. We had managed to have sex outside a few times, but now that it was February our options were extremely limited.

Then, we had a bit of good fortune. One of her parents’ workmates needed a regular babysitter, she was asked to do it. Having done it a couple of times, we realised the possibilities. It was a nice large house on the edge of town with a nice secluded back exit, and only a mile or so from where I lived. The little boy slept very soundly. They usually went out for a meal, so were gone 3-4 hours. After a couple of times to check all was Ok, the third time I came round half an hour after her parents dropped her off and we had a wonderful couple of hours together. This was an arrangement that really worked well.

It was the fourth time we were together when things went wrong. After a first frantic fuck, check on the child, then we were having a nice long second shag with Jilly riding me on the sofa. I looked up from sucking her tits to find Mr and Mrs Jenkins standing in the doorway looking at us with shock all over their faces. I shoved Jilly off and we sat there, absolutely busted, stark naked on the sofa.

‘ John, go upstairs and check on David, and bring down the towel and bag’ said Mrs Jenkins. At the time I saw the look of horror mixed with excitement on his face, but didn’t really understand at the time. Mrs Jenkins (Sue) laid into Jilly, saying how she was abusing her trust in her, whilst Jilly sobbed and begged her not to tell Jilly’s parents. We pointed out that we always had the baby listener on, and checked very regularly, but Sue said it wasn’t that, it was the fact we were going behind her back. Jilly offered to babysit for free from now on, but Sue replied flatly she couldn’t be bribed.

Sue said there was one thing that might mean she wouldn’t tell Jilly’s parents. We looked , quizzically. ‘That’ she said and pointed at my manhood, still encased in a condom, which was still stubbornly refusing to go down. We both nodded, not really realising what she meant. With that, she started stripping off, just as John arrived downstairs with a large towel and a bag. He lay down the towel on the sofa just next to me and motioned me to sit on it. Sue was now naked and now advanced on me, took the condom off and sat astride me on the sofa. She was curvy without being overweight, with a fully shaven pussy with big meaty flaps that were already glistening. ‘Quick John’ she snapped and he fussed round the back of her with a butt plug, applied some lube and slipped it into Sue’s arse. Sue then sank herself down on my erection, and started to ride me, grinding herself against me to maximise her pleasure, whilst Jilly just sat there watching looking rather pissed off.

John retired to an armchair, but and by now had his (rather small) cock out – I could see why she might have been in need of something more substantial. At her command I sucked on her large rubbery nipples, her breasts were very big and a bit saggy, but I rather liked the way they smothered my face. I’d love to say she rode my for ages but I didn’t last that long. Fortunately she was frigging herself energetically, and that, coupled with the butt plug brought her to orgasm quickly just as I pumped a surprising decent load into her. Her cunt muscles throbbed and contracted round my cock when she came and milked every single drop from my cock, something I had not experienced before. Meanwhile John had dribbled out a small amount of come on his leg as he came whilst watching.

If all this wasn’t enough for Jilly and I to take in, we were both shocked when she ordered John over to clean her up. As he obediently lapped away, she was taking great delight in telling him how she had just had a decent cock for once, and how much more I had come than his pathetic dribble. We were both feeling quite sorry for him.

This set the scene for the next few months ; we could still babysit and have our fun together, but Sue insisted on having me first, with Jilly watching. There was not a lot we could do about it, given we were terrified of her parents being told, not that I was complaining of course, although I had to give the pretence of being unhappy with the arrangement. Jilly would sometimes wank John off whilst he watched, but he was not allowed to touch her. She also got her first experience of another woman, when Sue licked her out as I fucked Sue from behind, and after her initial reluctance took to pleasuring Sue as well with surprising enthusiasm.

However, Jilly was far from happy with this arrangement, particularly that she was not allowed to touch my cock whilst Sue was there, and she suspected (correctly) that I was enjoying it far too much. It was probably for the best when I went to Uni 7 months later, and the whole arrangement fizzled out. Jilly and I split up, to be honest I don’t blame her, and fortunately Sue never spilled the beans.

When I was back from Uni I was still in touch with Sue, and for many years I would be invited over for what I by then had realised to be a cuckold arrangement. A few times I went over with a Uni mate of mine and poor old John had to watch his missus being DP’d. I carried on fucking her for about 10 years before they moved away and we lost contact. Jilly blossomed into an absolute stunner, got married and back then I heard on the grapevine that she was a bit of a hotwife, so maybe the last laugh was on me. It was fun while it lasted though, and I’ll never forget that first night.

Written by cpl_somerset

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