Written by Henrietta612

29 May 2017

Thanks for the comments on my first story on here. Unfortunately my membership level only allows me to send two messages a day, so I can't reply to everyone immediately. A reader asked if I saw the man's friends after he had face fucked me.

After he had made me cum I wanted to get away. I felt what I had let happen, by going out dressed as I was, late at night was bad. The taste of his cum lingered in my mouth, I felt contaminated and degraded. He had also been so rough with me between my legs that the pain lingered for quite while. I was aching and bruised there.

When he got me back to the street where he had picked me up, he pulled me to him, put his big hand back up my skirt and kissed me again, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

'Now I know where you live, I will keep an eye out for you' he snarled, his hand stroking my black stockinged legs as I pulled away, getting out of the car. 'As I said, my mates would like to play with you. You are a f-cking little tart and need a gang bang, f-cking whore. God you are asking for a lot more than I have done to you tonight. Me and me mates will want a proper look at your little cock and ball sac. We'll sort you out. You need it all cut off, you little bitch.'

I blushed under my make up, got out of the car and gently closed the door. His manner was becoming aggressive. I wanted to run away from him, but waited for him to drive off because I didn't want him to know which house I lived in. So I stood there in the dark street. In those days street lights went out at mindnight.

It was obvious the man was not going to leave until he had seen exactly where I lived, and I could not stand there in my little skirt suit the one shown as my sixth profile picture which was taken by the man- lingerie, stockings, high heels and make up all night, so with sinking heart I walked as quietly as I could to the gate beside my house, and up the path.

For a few days I thought I would have nothing more to do with men. I felt contaminated about it, the horrible man seeing me all dressed up in ladies cloths and orgasming for him was humiliating. Then I started thinking about it and touching myself, I realised that the rough way he treated me and the humiliation excited me.

Then I realised I would not be able to stop myself going out again. I thought of what he had said about his mates. I fantasised being made to strip to my satin lingerie and forced to cum in front of them all, then being made to swallow all of their cum, when I was vulnerable and helpless.