Written by hornyguy2306

25 Jun 2013

I have for many years used this site when I was in the need of a wank, the stories about guys watching their partners fuck someone else always made my cock hard and I found myself starting to believe I would like this to happen with someone I was with.

Firstly let me tell you something about me and my gf I am 29 (just turned as you will hear in the story) and my gf is 25. The other couple who we will call K and J are (K female J male) are 25 and 23, that’s right K as a toy boy.

It was a Saturday and I was on my way home from work and the gf texted me to ask how long I was going to be, I told her 10 more minutes, when I arrived home I found my gf had arranged a BBQ for my bday (the next day was my actual bday). There were a few of my friends there, but the gf told me that later that night more people were coming. The BBQ started and I had already started to feel the effects of the alcohol I was consuming.

By about 9 K and J turned up, this was a bit unexpected as I knew them but not all too well (K and me used to fuck that’s about it). Apparently the gf had been talking to them and thought it would be fun to have them over.

By about 12 the party was dying and most people had left, there was one of my close mates still and K and J, my gf asked of K and J wanted to stay in the spare room, they agreed, that’s when I got a little bit hard and thought something might be actually planned here, me and the GF had talked about her fucking someone else during sex a few times!

My mate left and we decided to call it a night I got into bed and the gf was quick to get my cock out and start sucking me off, she hadn’t closed the door, there I was K look in and smile and go into the other room, I thought fuck this its now or never (alcohol probably helped) I walked in and just said why don’t you two come join us!

That was it I went back into the room and got on the bed, followed by K and J (we was pretty cramped!) K and the gf started kissing while me and J was touching them both up, next thing I know K is eating out the gf and my gf is playing with both our cocks, me and J start playing with my gfs tits and nipples which makes her very wet.

This went on for a few mins before K just told my gf to go and sit on J and fuck him, well she didn’t need telling twice, she sat down on his cock and started riding him hard and fast, I was shocked and horny! I started fingering K and she was soaking, I wasn’t sure what to do!

Before I knew it K had taken my cock and started rubbing it against her pussy, I didn’t need telling what to do next, I grabbed her hair pulled her head back and rammed my cock into her pussy just like I used too. I was watching my gf ride another guys cock while I fucked another girl, I was in haven!

This went on for half an hour, I could hear my gf getting pounded hard and I was doing the same to K, then K said lets swap she jumped on her bf and I slipped my cock into my gfs well used pussy and it felt amazing. I went to work on the gf while K and J were fucking next to us, I was fingering K’s ass while she was getting fucked and J was playing with my gfs tits while I fucked her.

It wasn’t long until I saw K jump off J and take his load in her mouth, this sent me over the edge and I pulled out and shot my cum all over my gfs tits!

I hope you enjoyed the story, this is all true! I really hope we have another night like this again soon! K as asked if her and J can borrow my gf one night of course I said yes!