Written by Lorraineforres

11 May 2013

As you'll see from my profile pic I'm a slim quite fit lady with lovely tits, if I do say so myself! I had lots of offers to meet but I was nervous, never having done anything like that before. A guy called Mo really engaged me though, and after a few nights of chatting I finally agreed to a meet. We arranged to meet at a motorway service station and I was asked to wear a skirt and no underwear. I had to laugh, how cliche?! But I obliged and waited in the main seating area once I arrived. Mo walked in and sat next to me, sliding a hand to the bottom of my skirt, lifting it subtly and peering up it to check I had followed instructions. He smiled in appreciation and after a couple of minutes chatting he suggested we leave and go to his. Throwing caution to the wind I agreed to go back to this stranger's house. He walked me to my car as I would be following him to his. Before I got in another car full of 'lads' pulled up nearby. Mo pushed me back against my car, lifted my skirt and probed my already dampening pussy with his fingertips. The lads in the car couldn't believe their eyes!! To this day I wish we'd stayed there to see what else could happen but that was before I was quite such a slut! Never mind. I followed Mo to his and it was a rather nice bachelor pad with a balcony overlooking the canal. He fixes me a drink and I went a stood on the balcony looking out over the railing. Mo came up behind me and slid his hand up my skirt and onto my bottom, massaging gently. He worked around to the inside of my thigh and pulled gently, encouraging me to spread my legs. It didn't take much encouragement! He worked his hands up slowly, teasing me. With the other hand he reached around and lifted my jumper, now fondling one of my breasts. His other hand had now begun exploring my hot, wet cunt and my juices were now dripping. He finger fucked me for a few minutes and my legs were just as far apart as I could get them. He drew his fingers out and began to flick them across my clit. It was around this time I noticed someone walking along the canal path below. I let out what I'd like to call an involuntary moan but I think it was actually me trying to draw attention! The man walking his dog duly looked up and I, lost in the ecstasy of having my clit flicked and alternating with fingers in my cunt, arched myself and lifted my top, exposing and fondling my tits. I have no idea if he could see up between my legs as well but I'm guessing he could as the railings weren't exactly substantial and we were backlit by the living room light. I saw a second guy watching further long the path and whispered to Mo to fuck me. I didn't tell him we were being watched and I don't know if he noticed. I just know I LOVED being fucked doggy style against that balcony, I even lifted my jumper right off over my head so the watching guys were in no doubt what was happening. I went home that night wearin the biggest grin. I would now love a repeat if that scenario, but having moved house am no longer in touch with Mo. I need a new volunteer. And maybe next time anyone who stops to watch might join in too... Please??