Written by Will18

16 Jan 2018

This is a quick story of something amazing that happened to me over the weekend. My partner and I are both 35. The most we've ever done by the way of swinging is very heavy kissing and touching in front of other couples which turned us both on tremendously. We have chatted very briefly during sex about swinging but without any serious thought, although we have both read stories on this sight. My partner is very attractive with shoulder length brown hair and she is very fit. She also appears to be quite 'proper' and serious, working in a responsible and public facing job. Last weekend an old friend of mine came to stay with us. He was visiting from the US where he now lives. A very long time ago he and I had been wank buddies and as we had got a little older had shared a partner on a couple of occasions. Once his girlfriend and once someone we met in a club who was keen on a threesome. (I could recount those stories easily as I replay them sometimes when I'm on my own!) We had a few drinks and dinner and then sat chatting. My friend started to get on about 'the old days' and I found myself getting nervous about what he might reveal and what might be said in front of Emma. She started to probe him about our past and to my horror he started to tell her. I tried to stop him, but Emma kept him going, seeming to enjoy my discomfort. He told her about our earlier mutual masturbation. She commented that we should have a go at it now. Dave laughed and said he was up for it. Emma started urging me to have a laugh and get it out. Dave said the he would if I did. I admit I was getting very aroused at this stage as Emma seemed so keen. I told her that I would if she got my cock out herself. I thought this might stop he games in front of someone else, but she wandered over and undid my belt, pulling my cock out. Dave cheered and dropped his trousers revealing his erection. My cock started to go hard in Emma's hand as she started to play with me. I was also incredibly turned on by her looking at Dave wanking his cock whilst playing with mine.

I decided to push things a little myself, now very turned on. I asked her to suck my cock, which she obliged with Dave winking at me whilst she did . He asked to have a look and came over and sat next to us wanking and watching, Emma looking up at him whilst sucking me. She broke off laughing a little at the situation. I decided to make myself more comfortable and remove my trousers. As I stood up Emma had to move a little closer to Dave. She was kneeling in front of him and he edged forward in the sofa, his cock pointing towards her. She looked at me, shrugged and started to suck his cock. Dave closed his eyes and leaned back enjoying the sensation. I slowly played with myself, watching my girlfriend pleasure my friend. She started to suck and wank faster and I could see he was getting close. Before I knew what was happening he came in her mouth. She did what she always does and closed her eyes. The difference was she was swallowing his hot load rather than mine. She sat back and looked slightly embarrassed. She then said she had to nip to the toilet and she'd be back. I was still rock hard. Dave was leaning back grinning and told me how amazing the blowjob had been and how he wanted to fuck Emma. I was so turned on I didn't deny that it sounded great.

Emma came back in to the room wearing her dressing gown. She opened it to reveal she was naked and then dropped the gown on the floor. Dave's eyes came out on stalks. She sat on my cock and we started slowly fucking. Dave leant across and started sucking her nipples as she slowly moved up and down on my cock. Dave sat back, hard again. She looked at me and gestured towards Dave with her head, her eyes wide. I shrugged to indicate that it was her decision. With that she swapped places, sitting on Dave's cock and we repeated the action. I was so turned on by the action. Dave moved her off and laid her on the floor, pushing in to her hard and started to fuck her she was clearly enjoying herself and started to moan and rub her clit, followed by a powerful orgasm. Dave got off, I think needing a pause and I got on to her, entering her sopping wet pussy. I fucked her for a while, she was obviously spent by her orgasm but started to come round a little. I pulled off and Dave lay down for her to sit on him again. She did and started rocking slowly backwards and forwards. She sucked my cock and I told her to make it very wet.

I had always wanted to try a DP and this seemed to be my chance. Emma enjoyed my cock up her arse on the right occasion and I suspected this was it. I straddled Dave's legs and guided my cock to her hole. It was a glorious sight seeing my cock stretch her arse whilst Dave's cock was wet beneath. She gasped as my cock popped in her and I paused to let her feel the two cocks in her. She started panting and moaning as we fucked her slowly, then picking up the pace. I knew I wouldn't last long and from looking at Dave nor would he. I was trying to hold back when he came. I could feel his cock pulsing as he shot his load in Emma. This was too much for me and Emma screamed with pleasure as I followed, cumming in her arse.

We all slumped to the floor exhausted, especially Emma. After a short while we started to talk, congratulating each other. Dave was saying it was just like old times. Emma and I went to bed leaving Dave to a shower and then the spare room. In the morning Emma woke first. She had showered and then woke me to check if everything was okay - the cold light of day. I assured her it was and that it had been a fantastic experience. I said that if she wanted a final go with Dave before he left then she should do as I wouldn't mind. It would be a very long time until we saw him again. She grinned and went to the spare room. I sat in bed listening to them have a quick fuck, Emma coming straight back to me afterwards. She was red faced and had obviously been given a hard ride. I pushed a finger in to her wet pussy to feel Dave's cum and then started to fuck her myself, slowly this time as she was exhausted. I was so turned on that I came quickly adding my cum to Dave's.

We all said our goodbyes and thanks. Emma and I made love again later in the morning both so turned on by what had happened. We have spoken about what next as this seems to have opened a door to a whole new world of possibilities, despite being so unexpected.