Written by G

23 Aug 2007

This tale comes from the time when I was 19 and fairly cocky about life. I reckoned that after a couple of girlfriends, I knew the score about life and sex. How wrong I was.

I had gone out with a few mates on a saturday night to a club near to where I lived, and as I had just passed my driving test, I was the driver for the night. The evening wore on in a very non-drunk state,for me anyway, until it came to the time for the last dance. Not having seen any female that I liked the look of, I stood by the bar waiting for my mates, when I was approached by a lass who I would describe as 'buxom', with dark hair, quite a pretty face, aged mid 30's.

"come on, have a dance", and I was dragged onto the floor and was then danced with!

I was taken aback, especially when she latched her face onto mine and started to kiss me.

Natural reactions took over and I responded, my dick starting to get hard. She obviously was aware of it, and pushed herself closer into me, rubbing herself against my groin.

Before I knew it, the dnace was over and everyone started to file out of the club, when the lass who had grabbed me said "thanks for that, if you fancy a coffee on Monday, come over" and she then gave her address, and off she went.

I wondered what was going on as all my mates came staggering to the car and got in, and began relating tales of how they had copped off with various birds etc etc. Meanwhile I pondered over what had happened to me.

Monday came along, and I woke up and the offer of coffee was still on my mind. I didn't have to go to work, and had nothing else to do, so with a slight feeling of nervousness, decided to see if what had happened on Saturday was worth a second look.

So I got myself sorted out, told my parents I was going to see a mate, and set off.

I got to the address, and walked upto the door, and knocked. The thought went through my mind that I was the victim of some big joke, but the door was opened by the lass from Saturday night. She stood there in a nice summer dress, smiling at me, and it suddenley dawned on me I didn't know her name.

All I could say was "you said to come round for a coffee", and she said "oh, I thought you'd forgotten. Come in".

So in I went, the door was shut behind me, and she said "lets not worry about the coffee" and immediatley took hold of me and started to kiss me hard.

On came the hard on again, as I responded by groping her arse, lifting her dress up and moving my hand round to the front, feeling stocking tops as I did so.

"Not here, upstairs" she said in husky voice.

My mouth was dry as she took my hand and led me upstairs into her bedroom.

Little things began to tell me that she did not live alone; she must have picked up on it.

"I'm divorced, don't worry"

Into the bedroom we went, and from hereon instinct took over. I stripped off as she pulled her dress over her head and revealed black bra, knickers and suspenders, her ample tits just starting to squeeze out of her bra. With her in her high heels and red lipstick, I had never seen a sight like it!

"Do you want ne to leave these on?"

I don't remember what I said, but it must have been positive, as she sat down on the side of the bed, took hold of my prick and guided it into her mouth.

What an incredible feeling! Only one of my previous girlfriends had ever done this, and she paled into insignificance against what this woman was doing, as she took all of it in, licking round the base of my knob, squeezing my balls and gently biting the shaft.

I was getting close to cumming when she let it slide out of her mouth, and looked up at me and said "Go down and lick me".

She shuffled back and laid down. I reached down and slid her knickers down her thighs and off over her shoes. She then spread her legs, revealing a very wet looking cunt, with pouting lips, which she parted with her fingers.

I knelt down and pushed my face between her legs and started to lick, pushing my tongue up as far as I could go.

She started to push against me at the same time urging me to lick her harder. I held her cunt wide open and licked all the way round her, all I could hear between the soft moans were "Oh fuck, fuck me, get it up me".

I urgently needed to fuck this woman, as my ball felt like they were on fire; I moved up between her legs and moved my knob up to her pussy, and was about to push into to her, when she said "No, not yet, finger me, my ex was a climb on, push and get off man. Finger me"

I moved back to start to finger her, but she turned over and stuck her ample arse up in the air, saying "from behind, finger me from behind".

She opened her legs wider, and I was given the sight that always gets me hard when I ever I have seen it since. A woman's arse, with thighs clad in stockings, bent over with a cunt ready for anything.

I pushed a finger in and started to fuck her, she started to push back onto it and said "put more in, stretch me". So I put more fingers in and she was now starting to moan louder.

I looked down and watched as all four of my fingers were moving in and out of this woman's fanny and nearly came then, but then she came out with something that at the time shocked me.

"lick my arse at the same time, then work a finger in"

Uptil then, I had only ever thought as an arse for one thing and was nervous about doing it.

"just do it, it's clean, please, the ex would never do it"

So somewhat reluctantly, keeping my fingers up her cunt, started to lick her tight ring, slowly working my tongue in, getting her wet and then sliding a finger up there.

She started to gasp, and very shortly after, I felt all her muslcles tense round my fingers as she came.

I seriously thought I had hurt her and said "are you Ok?"

"Mmmm, now put your prick in me and fuck me hard".

It suddenley struck me that I hadn't got a condom on and told her this; she was on the pill luckily.

I took my hands out and knelt behind, as she reached round and guided my prick into her waiting hole.

I pushed it all the way up, and she pushed back against me. I took hold of her hips and started to bang into her, each thrust sending little ripples across her arse.

The urge to grope her tits came to me, so I stopped thrusting, reached down, undid her bra and let her tits swing free.

I took hold of both of them and squeezed and played with her nips that felt like little stones as I thrust into her. She was now moaning non stop, as I felt myself getting ready to explode.

I let go of her boobs and held her hips as I shot my load up her, letting out a moan as I did so.

Talk about getting a sweat on.

I pulled out of her and sat back and looked at her cunt as spunk started to dribble out.

She rolled onto her back and reached out for my cock and held it.

One of things of being eighteen, was that the hard on seems to last forever.

She moved across and again took it into her mouth and sucked it clean.

She started to slowly wank me, as she told me that her husband had left her as he had got bored with her, she didn't want another relationship yet, that she had wanted to be more adventurous with sex and that she hadn't had a good fucking for nearly 9 months.

She was still slowly wanking me, when she said "it is right then, that the younger ones stay up longer. Are you ready for another one?"

I recall saying "Oh yeah"

"Lets do something that I think you've never done before"

"Like what?"

"What you did with your finger, but using your cock instead"

I remember thinking 'I've just fingered then fucked you', when it came to me.

"what, you mean, my cock up your bum?"

"Yeah, he only ever did me once like that. I wanted it more often, but he refused"


"I'll lay back, you put my legs over your shoulders and push it in"

We got into position and I started to push my still hard cock into her arse. I could see her wincing, and stopped but she encouraged me to push more in. I could feel her muscle relaxing as I put more of my length up her, and let her bum checks rest on my thighs, as she took her legs of my shoulders, telling me to hold her by the ankles.

I was now all the way inside her and I have never known tightness like it.

We stayed like that for a minute, when she said "start to thrust in and out slowly"

I did as I was asked, but she said "No, It doesn't feel right, let me turn over"

I pulled out and she rolled over on to her front, lying flat, and reached behind her, spreading her cheeks.

"Put it back in"

I straddled her legs and pushed my prick back up her bum.

"Oh fuck, thats easier, start fucking it"

So I started to thrust, a bit harder.

I watched as she took hold of the bed head and then looked back at me a mix of pleasure and pain on her face.

"Let me open my legs"

She moved her legs wide apart and I carried on pumping, with her encouraging me to do it harder.

I could feel myself building up and said "I think I'm coming again"

"Don't stop, fuck my arse and cum up me, slap my arse "

I fucked harder, slapping her arse every couple of thrusts she moaned louder and I cried out as my hot sperm shot up her. I could feel her get tight and a muffled moan as she put her head into the pillow.

I relaxed and pulled out and looked down at this woman whose name I still didn't know, stockinged legs spread wide, arse cheeks red from the spanking, with cum dripping out of her stretched arse going onto the bed sheets.

Was this really happening?

She rolled over and said "my name is T..., by the way"

After that we went to sleep for a bit and had another fuck session that afternoon.

That was the start of a very eventful six months. We would be fucking in the kitchen, in the car, at her friends house where I had been introduced as 'her bit of fun'. Inevitably if we went out somewhere in the car, she would suck me off on the way, keeping her head down over my cock as I came, the spunk shooting over her face and hair.

Unfortunately, it all ended when she got a job in another part of the country and moved away.

Needless to say, I was a rather well educated 19 year old and T, I am very grateful to you.