Written by XX

22 Aug 2008

Hi recently have written about my new experiences. However, been emailing and texting old male married friend for a few weeks and its become very rude which excites me and we have had sex over msn. Then phone sex. He says his new wife lacks interest in sex and he has always had a high sex drive. I have been keeeping him happy remotely so to speak.

He went away recently on business and met a young woman who he has also been doing same.....keep with it Ill get to the story soon.

Well he asked if I had ever thought about having a women. I hadnt but it did excite me and got me very wet. So he arranged it. A night in a hotel. i was very nervous and she was a horny bitch up for everything. He was very keen. We had drinks in the bar where he kissed us both groped our boobs and pushed his fingers in our clits. People we looking at us and we were all getting turned on. I was dripping wet especially when she kissed me full on the lips! So we went to the room. We all stripped off and jumped on the bed. We started by shall we say J standing at the edge of the bed hard as hell while we stoked him and sucked his lovely cock. Taking it in turns one taking his balls fully in the mouth while the other his cock. Sometimes ours tongues would meet. He would play with our tits pulling hard at the nipples. He was keen to see some girl on girl action. This was the first for me and we quickly got in the 69 position and I got to lick and suck and finger a women. She did me omg it was fab. He was wanking and smiling then I felt him licking my arse hole and putting his finger inside. Soon we changed positions and I was sat on his face while she was fucking his cock. I was kissing her and she was sucking my tits. We all changed and J managed to fuck me and pull out and cum over her tits and in her mouth. Later we changed over when he had recovered. He finished by fucking her arse and he pulled out and I took it fully in my mouth licking sucking their juices till her shot his load down my throat. She was eating me slurping away at that point. I came three times twice with her licking me and once with him in my pussy. She seemed to be cumming constantly......telling me what she thought he should do to us. We slept and the next morning the girls we had a bath together and fucked each other... J slept and said he was amazed waking to hear the noise of us fucking. He said he wanked himself frantically. On way home we stopped in a lay by and i gave him a bj he also fucked my arse. Cant wait till I see him again. Next time I am taking my lover for a foursome, I have told him and he is very up for it and upset he missed the fun. he is also married but loves women and has been keen for me to lick out another women. arent all men? I am keen to see him fucking another women also. God hope my hubby dosent find out!!!!!